Offers Amazon’s The Boys a ‘Supe’ Place to Release its X-Rated Content

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(Aurora, CO ) — Nerds of Porn has made an official offer to the creators and producers of Amazon series The Boys to release adult content shot for the series on its website
In an open letter posted to Twitter, Nerds of Porn CEO/founder Adam Christopher, whose production studio and site that caters to fans of otherworldly superheroes and pop culture icons in the realm of comics, gaming, movies & TV, reached out to The Boys creator Eric Kripke:
“We’d be happy to release all the ‘Supe Porn Parody’ films or episodes on a weekly basis on our site and it would be the perfect fit for our adult production website and for the ‘Supe Porn’ movement started by Mr. Kripke.
“We would also like to offer with your blessing the chance to put in production immediately and safely a porn parody feature film based on the Boys and the Seven characters. Our production team including myself will put together a great funny sexy script, design costumes based on the characters, hire a spectacular and amazing cast of adult performers to play characters based on the show including the supes.”
In a recent episode of The Boys, fictional adult DVDs Deep Desert in The Blowhole, Translucent the Invisible Cock, Queen Maeve: Pleasure Slave, Big Black Noir, Starlight Pulls An A-Train and Homelander’s Cuck were shown onscreen in close-up, with footage of the films shown in the background. Kripke mentioned releasing the actual porn footage, but his mainstream distributors understandably balked at the suggestion.
Christopher believes that is the perfect place for The Boys to land. “The opportunity for this is beyond exciting for me. I really love the show, and the Boys characters have become quite iconic in pop culture today, but also super hero characters in general single-handedly fuel my passion for filming porn parodies based on them… I know I want it; I know you all want it, and I know especially the fans want it.”

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