Parasited Premieres 1st Unbirth Scene with Rave Reviews from Members

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(Budapest, Hungary) Parasited is an alternative world where alien parasites take over hot babes’ bodies, and now they’ve just released their first unbirth movie starring Veronica Leal and Zawaadi.
Directed by Roberto Di Suna, “Sacrifice NR.523” stars Petite Columbian beauty Veronica Leal with perfect tits and an athletic body who’s a bisexual nympho in her second scene for Parasited. Kenyan registered nurse turned stunning and exotic adult and fashion model Zawaadi makes her Parasited debut.
The intense 14+ minute scene opens late at night in a lab. What could go wrong with Veronica Leal and her lab assistant, Zawaadi, working on a secret project? Veronica is a demanding boss who continually pushes her assistant to work faster. Finally, Zawaadi has had enough of her imperialistic attitude and unleashes an alien parasite from a jar. Veronica has no idea until it’s too late. She wakes up naked and alone in a black room with an alien parasite coming out of her pussy. Not knowing she’s possessed, she plays with herself and squirts.
Dipping in gold, Zawaadi commands Veronica to worship her and tells her, “You are mine.” Veronica pleasures her queen orally as she’s told, and Zawaadi squirts all over her face. As they both fuck the double-ended alien, Veronica repeatedly screams, “I am yours!” Once Zawaadi is done with Veronica, she shrinks smaller and smaller until she’s consumed by Zawaadi’s pussy. Then, the scene flashes back to the lab, where Zawaadi puts two alien parasites in a jar and posts an online ad for a new laboratory manager.
“The scene is truly amazing, and no adult site has ever done anything like this. Our members are raving about our first unbirth scene being their favorite on the site, how perfect the casting is, and how stellar the script is. Sacrifice NR.523’ is extremely powerful and makes the most of every second,” says Creator/Producer Romero Mr. Alien.
Get a sneak peek and watch the exclusive scene for “Sacrifice NR.523” at While you’re there, check out the SFW and NFSW photo gallery and rate the scene five stars.

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