PleazeMe Launches News Channel

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PleazeMe is expanding its sex-positive social offerings with the introduction of an up-to-the-minute news channel, available free to the site’s business channels on the platform.
The new service aims to take a closer look at What’s Hot (Industry News), What’s New (the Future of Sex), Marketing News & Tips, plus a special Spotlight Channel each month, providing a space for small-to-medium-sized businesses to market themselves and connect with customers and industry intel – helping further manage their brands and monetize their businesses.
Founder/CEO Heather C. Montgomery discusses the new service. “Our Channel News is an additional way for PleazeMe to add value to our brand partners by sharing our business learnings with our community, as well as a resource for brands and thought leaders to stay abreast of what is happening in the following areas of news: marketing, social media, industry, regulatory, with the addition of PR opportunities and personal success stories.”
Every Wednesday, on PleazeMe Channel News we will post Hump Day reminders to channels “interested in us broadcasting their content to all of our members through one of the site’s six channels,” said Montgomery. “If you have a business in the pleasure/sexual wellness industry, then PleazeMe is the place where you will be supported, celebrated, educated and promoted.” Our PleazeMe broadcast channels not only presents informative information for all of our membership, but also share the Face to Face interviews, giving PleazeMe industry members the opportunity to promote their businesses and unique offerings within a like-minded, close-knit community.”
Montgomery added that “we built PleazeMe to help individuals explore their relationship to intimacy, and for professionals in our industry to connect with those individuals seeking their products and services. We care about all of our members and aim to deliver the content to help them live their best lives ever, professionally and personally.”

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