QueerCrush Reimagines Lesbian Erotica with Authenticity, Diversity and Intimacy

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(Las Vegas, NV) — QueerCrush, a groundbreaking new lesbian erotica site celebrating pleasure and empowering representation, announces its official launch at Queercrush.com.
Trans-inclusive, size-inclusive, and racially diverse, authenticity is the cornerstone of the studio’s approach: by granting performers creative autonomy – allowing them to select their co-stars, wardrobe, makeup and onscreen scenarios –  QueerCrush ensures that every moment is driven by real passion and desire for a truly immersive viewing experience.

“My motivation for launching QueerCrush was simple: I wasn’t seeing any content that looked like the sex I have in my personal life,” said company Founder/Director Electra Rayne of her independent site, which she funds herself through local content trade and with her own income as an adult model, studio performer and content creator.

“While QueerCrush is still a work in progress, we are proud of what we’ve accomplished; I’m pretty sure we’re the ONLY lesbian site – and maybe possibly also the first? – that is run by queer women and Sapphic non-binary folks and offers erotic content that queer women can relate to, while also appealing to traditional lesbian porn audiences.”
Rayne added that QueerCrush performers – who retain distribution rights to all of their own content – are encouraged to be real people onscreen, not “porny”; no fake orgasms, no uncomfortable positions, and check-ins, lube usage, bloopers, chit-chat and honest communication remain onscreen. The result? “Our anonymous after-scene check-in surveys have yielded 100% positive rating!”
So what does the future hold for QueerCrush? “We look forward to significantly broadening the diversity showcased on our site, with a specific emphasis on engaging more models who identify as plus-sized, visibly disabled, masculine-presenting, and/or people of color (POC).”
Visit Queercrush.com and follow on Twitter @queercrushx, Instagram @queerxcrushx and TikTok (@queerxcrushx).

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