Rae Richmond Courts Controversy – and Public Scrutiny – with Cheeky Facebook Post

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Top OnlyFans model Rae Richmond recently sparked an online storm with a playful post on the ‘FREE Photoshop Edits’ public Facebook group, wearing a sweater mini-dress and a smile.
The Southern brunette beauty posted a simple request for Photoshop editors: ‘Put me somewhere fun please?’, which led to an unexpected flurry of over 1,800 responses – many hilarious, clever and creative, while others were mean-spirited, mocking her appearance, age and OnlyFans fame – shedding light on the darker side of online communities and their inclination to ‘put people in their place’ with hateful posts.
“I was just having a bit of fun, and really didn’t expect anything different to come of it, but experiences like these are eye-opening – it’s less about me and more a commentary on human nature, especially the ease with which people bully others on the Internet,” says Richmond.
“It’s a reminder of the power of our words online, and how people feel so comfortable being ugly and malicious to others on social platforms. Kudos, though, to the talented folks who came up with some ingenious Photoshop edits of me. Some were quite brilliant!”
Richmond, who has made great strides as a wildly successful creator in the eight months she’s been shooting content for OnlyFans, is also committed to helping other models achieve their financial goals as well with her online training course, CreatorSuccessCourse.net.
Learn more about OnlyFans star Rae Richmond at RaeRichmond.com.
Rae Richmond is ready for her close-up: the midlife MILF is defying expectations as one of OnlyFans’ most exciting new 50+ models, and, at long last, this sultry vixen is finally exploring her creative side with gusto after 30 years of diligently working within the buttoned-up confines of the corporate world.
The Virginia native grew up “a bit sheltered” in a small town; a wallflower who didn’t even go to her high school prom, Richmond worked part-time at a local bakery and dreamed of one day owning a bakery herself. Life had other plans: Richmond married young, had her first child at 21 and found work at a local real estate agency while raising a family.
Now that she is single and her children are grown, Richmond says she’s “finally exploring different facets of myself” through her onscreen work as an up & coming content creator. In her spare time, Richmond enjoys working out, cooking and baking for friends and family, taking her two Yorkies on long walks and writing erotic fiction. To learn more about Rae Richmond, visit RaeRichmond.com.
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