Review of Another Night in the Valley Part One

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Charlotte Stokely is a private eye and she starts off giving a voice over as she relaxes with a drink and a smoke in her office. She is soon interrupted by an old friend played by Vanna Bardot. Vanna needs help with a client of hers who is trying to blackmail her. Charlotte is initially reluctant but said she would do it. This leads to some sensual kissing as Charlotte slowly undresses Vanna and herself. After a bit of foreplay, Charlotte slides between her legs and starts to lick her. Vanna then gets to taste Charlotte for a while before she climbs up onto the desk as she grinds on Charlotte’s face. Charlotte also fingers herself during this and then we see her waking up the next morning in her office, with a note on her table.

Final Thoughts and Rating;

I was excited about this when I first heard that it was being shot. I’m a fan of film noir and detective stories in general. It will be interesting to see where the story goes though because so far we haven’t gotten much in the way of plot but that’s OK. I loved the soft delicate nature of this scene as well. These two have a history that is remarked upon but not really discussed at length so hopefully they get more into that in later episodes. Overall this is a solid opening and I give it a 4.5 our of 5

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