Review of First Day of College Part One

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Cast: Brooklyn Gray and Olive Glass

Brooklyn is walking down a road looking for the house she will be staying in while in college. She seems a bit confused because the house looks nicer than she expected but before she gets to knock the door is opened from inside by Olive. Olive invites her is quite the gabby gal as she eventually introduces herself before offering to show her around. They make their way to what will be Brooklyn’s room as they continue to talk. After some time, Olive just straight up asks her if she had ever kissed a girl and if she liked it. Brooklyn hesitates a bit but said she had and that she loved it. They continue to flirt as Olive asks what kind of girl she likes and Brooklyn replies with “motor mouths with a penchant for decorating” and then leads in for a kiss. They passionately kiss for a little bit and then the clothes start coming off as Brooklyn licks Olive’s nipples. This then leads to Olive laying back as Brooklyn starts licking her. No to be outdone, Brooklyn then gets on her knees so that Olive can taster her as well. From there, Olive slides under Brooklyn and licks her while she sits on her face before doing the same to Brooklyn. Brooklyn then straddles Olive as they proceed to rub each other and then cuddling before the camera fades to black.

Final Thoughts and Rating:

I’m just going to come out and say that I absolutely adore this scene. Porn is fantasy and that is why most people watch it but I felt this scene has enough realism that it pushes the hotness to another level. Brooklyn and Olive may have sex for the first time faster than most people but once they actually start it felt so real. It was soft and sensual, as two first time lovers would most likely take it in order to get to know one another. The pairing is also something I hope to see more of because their chemistry pulled me right in. If you haven’t seen it yet, run off and do it now. I give First Day of College Part One a 5 our of 5.

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