Review of Grinders Part Two

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Scene: Charlotte Sins and Robby Echo

We catch up with Lucky as he meets up with his friends at an indoor skate park as they take turns showing off while the others watch. After, we see him talking to Charlotte Sins and the rest of his friends as they razz him about calling Maya and inviting her to the party. He goes and calls her and later she meets up with Lucky, Charlotte and Robby (Echo) as they cruise while listening to music and Robby suggests they go swimming at a “friend;s” house. They hop the gate and jump in the pool and have a great time being together. Lucky and Maya then leave to dry off and talk some more while Charlotte and Robby start to make out. Things heat up quickly though as Charlotte gives him a BJ on the side of the pool. Charlotte gets onto the rock next as Robby eats her out before leaning back for missionary. Robby picks her up next as she bounces up and down on him before he sets her back down doe doggie. This position lasts for an extended period as they switch from vaginal to anal. They switch things up as they move into jackhammer anal for a bit which seems to really get Charlotte off before they go back to doggie anal again Robby then finishes by dropping his load on her ass.

When then switch back to Maya and Lucky as they continue to talk and Maya suggests that maybe they should move in together and be roommates but he isn’t sure she’d like him as a one. They are having a really tender moment which is then interrupted when the owner of the house comes home and they need to bolt.

Final Thoughts and Rating;

After setting things up in part one we are now getting into the groove and getting to know some of our other characters a bit more. Maya and Lucky’s attraction to each other is growing and obvious to everyone, even if the two of them can’t admit it to each other and the eventual hookup between them should be a nice ending. The sex scene between Charlotte and Robby is an escalation in intensity from part one, something I always appreciate in a movie. The addition of anal is a great touch here and Charlotte’s endless stream of dirty talk is quite hot all on its own. I would have like to have seen at least one other position though as the scene was heavy on doggie but I suspect that the location may have had something to do with why they used it a lot. Other than that minor complaint this is a solid scene and I give it a 4.75 out of 5.

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