Review of My Son’s Desires

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Scene 1: Rachael Cavalli and Tyler Nixon

Rachel is seen getting dressed while she talks on the phone and with Tyler secretly watching. She admits to her friend that she finds his interactions with her being romantic and that she feels turned on by it. She then spots him eavesdropping and he runs away. Later she walks into the kitchen where he is having cereal and they have a talk and he denies he overheard anything and mentions that her daughter is coming for a visit. She leaves to run some errands and he surprises her in her room and offers to help her put away her things. He comes onto her but she pulls back and then he reveals he did overhear the conversation. They continue to talk and eventually their feelings break through and they kiss,

Rachael then gets on the bed as they continue to kiss and Tyler starts to rub on her body before he starts sucking on her nipples. This then leads to a sensual BJ from Rachael before he eats her out from behind before she flips over for missionary. From there they move into spoons as Rachael’s dirty talk increases before Tyler straddles her chest to titty fuck her. They then finish in doggie ending in a creampie.

Scene 2: Lilly Bell and Tyler Nixon

While relaxing on the couch, Tyler is greeted by Rachael’s daughter, Lilly. Rachael isn’t around though but that is fine because it gives them an opportunity to get to know each other a bit. They get along right away as Tyler shows her around the house. He leaves after she says she wants to take a nap. Later on she appears to be having a night terror and Tyler wakes her up. She asks him to stay with her a while and he agrees to stay. When she falls asleep he gets up to leave but then she wakes up again and she tells him that she thinks he’s cute. He thinks she is too and she invites him back to the bed. He ends up getting a hard on, she tells him it’s fine and after some more talk they start to kiss,

Just like with her mom, Tyler starts in by sucking on her nipples while they kiss as Lilly moans and groans before he starts eating her out. Lilly then gives him a blowjob before climbing on top of him in cowgirl. Lilly then gets on her knees as Tyler comes in from behind her in doggie as Lilly continues to moan. She next rolls onto her back as they continue into missionary while Tyler rubs her clit. They finish in spoons before Tyler pulls out and cums on Lilly’s pussy lips and hand. Before it fades to black we see Rachael watching from the door, smiling and then leaves.

Final Thoughts and Rating:

The overall story here isn’t too deep but there is nothing wrong with that. The duality of Tyler with Rachael and then Lilly works really well as well. Both scenes had a similar kind of energy that I would describe as sensual with just a taste of nastiness, in a good way obviously though. Would definitely like to see Lilly, Rachael and Tyler in a scene together down the road, Two solid if not great scenes I give them a 4.25 out if 5, Check out this scene and others on

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