Review of Redemption

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The Morgan family is in trouble. With the recent loss of her father, it is up to Samantha (Stormy Daniels) to try and save their family’s ranch. With pressure coming down from a greedy developer, Samantha, along with daughter Meghan (Laney Grey), ranch hand Braxton (Barrett Blade) and eventually sister Brittany (Aiden Ashley) time is running out quickly. Will the family figure out a solution in time Redemption elude them?

Scene 1: Aiden Ashley and Allie Adams

After an opening featuring shots of scenic landscapes we meet up with a family dealing with the impending death of the head of their family. Upon hearing the bad news immediately wants to see her grandfather while Stormy tries to get a hold of other family members and Barrett deals with ranch business. Stormy then joins Laney as they talk to him while he lies in bed before he asks to speak to Stormy alone. She begs him to let them take him to the hospital but he says no and asks her to promise to take care of his horse and the ranch.

Later Stormy is riding his horse and makes a phone call to Aiden to let her know what is going on and she says she’ll fly home right away. She goes to sit down and is joined by Allie Adams and tells her that her father died. Allie offers to come along and consoles her as she cries and asks what she can do to help and Aiden asks her to kiss her. She does and the two start to make out and undress. Aiden gets on top and makes her way down to eat Allie out. Allie coos and moans until they kiss again and then they undress some more before Aiden goes back to licking and fingering her. The tables then turn as Allie starts licking and fingering Aiden. After this Allie straddles Aiden’s face while she fingers her too. Aiden then has a turn in this position to finish off the scene.

Scene 2: Laney Grey and Will Pounder

Next the family comes together for the funeral and then sparks sparks to fly afterward when Aiden and Stormy start to fight over what they should do next. Aiden wants to sell but Stormy made a promise and she won’t sell. Things are pretty bad though as the books are a mess as Stormy finds out later but she still won’t sell.

Laney and Will are then seen meeting up in the stables. They used to be a couple but he cheated on her but he still cares about her and wants to make sure she’s OK. He goes in for a kiss but gets a slap in return but then she kisses him back and they start making out and undressing. This leads to Will eating out Laney as she grinds against him before she sucks him off, From there Laney bends over for some standing doggie while she looks back at Will and wearing his cowboy hat. Laney then lies back for missionary before Will pulls out and cums on her bush.

Scene 3: August Skye and Ryan McLane

Back to Stormy as she works in her dad’s office she finds a mysterious box. She tries to open it but is interrupted by Aiden who is looking for Laney. They reminisce about their childhood and their relationship. Stormy then leaves to check on Laney and comes across her and Will as he grabs her violently after she rebuffs him. A short fight ensues and Will is fired and Barrett, who came to help, gets scolded.

Later on, while she is working, Stormy is approached about selling again but she says no again. She then talks with Aiden again and she tells her that their dad left part of the ranch to Barrett as well. After this Laney comes across a stranded motorist (Jay Romero) and helps him change his tire before they go and have lunch together. They hit it off and later tells Stormy all about their encounter.

Some more discussions about the ranch are seen and also a phone call between Laney and Jay as they setup a date for later before she goes to see her friend (August Skye). She’s a bit early as August is still in her towel

As it turns out she’s hooking up with Ryan and she goes back to him and they start kissing, Things heat up quickly as Ryan goes down on August while she lies on the bed. He then leans back for a BJ before going into missionary. After some more oral from August she climbs up into cowgirl and then spoons before finishing with him cumming on her bush,

Scene 4: Laney Grey and Jay Romero

Back to the ranch now as Aiden gets approached by the developer who then proceeds to get physical with her while trying to get her to sell. She makes a call to someone to come there right away and then we go back to Laney as she talks to August about her new guy and how she and Ryan ended up hooking up.

As it turns out the person Aiden called earlier was Ryan and they came up with a plan to save the ranch. Aiden’s idea is to open up a dude ranch of sorts. Stormy gets excited by the possibility and thinks it will work,

Later that night Laney and Jay are on their date under the stars, where they talk and eventually stat to kiss. Things go slow and sensual as Jay starts out by licking her pussy before she starts sucking him off. They then go into missionary as Laney leans back and moans softly. Laney then climbs on top for cowgirl before standing up in doggie against the car. They then finish with z nice pop on he ass.

Scene 5: Stormy Daniels and Barrett Blade

As to not spoil the ending I will not talk about the plot any further but I will some twist and turns are on the way. So instead we’ll jump ahead to the final sex scene. After a revelation, Stormy and Barrett start kissing and engaging in foreplay. Stormy starts the action quickly with a quick BJ before bending over in standing doggie and ending with a pop on her ass.

Final Thoughts and Rating:

Stormy Daniels, as I’m sure she could tell you, has been called many things over years but the one I always come back to is “storyteller.” Laney Grey does a superb job playing the mostly innocent daughter and her two sex scenes are nice contrasts to each other. The other pairings are top notch as well. Then there are the beautiful landscape shots that show off the setting nicely. To put it simply, if you love plot driven porn then this movie will give you what you want and I give Redemption a 5 our of 5.

Also I found the dedication to Amber Rayne at the end of the credits very touching.

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