Review of Trailer Park Girls

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Come on down to the trailer park to check out what four lovely ladies can do when they let loose. Trailer Park Girls is director Axel Braun’s latest all-sex outing for Wicked Pictures, So lets get right into it because it has been a long time since I’ve reviewed anything and I’m getting anxious.

Scene 1: Emma Hix and Tyler Nixon

We start off with Emma and Tyler driving in an off-road vehicle down a dirt road until they reach a car graveyard. Emma does a bit of a tease once there, taking off her fishnet top and showing off her cut-off jean shorts and cowboy boots before going back to driving while topless. Emma stops the car soon after this and they start making out almost immediately. After a short bit of foreplay Tyler pulls down his pants and Emma starts sucking and stroking him off while still in the vehicle. To make things easier they both get out as Emma continues the BJ. Emma then gets her turn as she bends over as Tyler eats her out from behind. While still in that position, Tyler stands up to take her in doggie. Emma gets on the hood next for missionary while Tyler lightly squeezes her neck. From there Tyler gets on the hood as Emma mounts him in reverse cowgirl before she hops off again to stroke and suck him off to completion, which she takes on her tongue, face and the ground. Solid opening scene here. I would have loved to have seen regular cowgirl used here as well as seeing them stay in the vehicle a bit longer but those are minor complaints. For those that love oral I think you will particularly like Emma’s technique as well.

Scene 2: Kayley Gunner and Seth Gamble

Kayley starts off here doing a strip tease in the middle of nowhere before things switch to outside a trailer. Seth comes out and they start going at it quickly as they kiss and he starts squeezing and licking her breasts. She gets bent over a nearby table next as Seth fingers her before laying her down on the table to eat her out. From there stands up to have a go in missionary as Kayley moans and rubs. Kayley takes control next with some dick and ball sucking. Seth gets ridden in cowgirl after this and even picks her up in the middle before standing missionary. Kayley continues with some nice dirty talk as they switch to standing doggie and more oral. They go back to missionary to finish things off before Seth sprays her chest. I’m a fan of all-sex titles that start at a certain level and then increase the intensity with each scene and this scene is an example of just that. The first scene was intense enough but this is a step above as Kayley works in a lot of ditty talk and energy as Seth matches her all the way.

Scene 3: Lydia Black and Ramon Nomar

Lydia starts her tease by running down the railroad tracks and down to a nearby camper and tent. She is then joined by Ramon as they start to kiss. Soon after Ramon drops down to his knees and starts licking her snatch while she leans against a pole. She even turns around and climbs the pole a bit as he continues eating her out before she takes her turn to suck him off. From there stranding doggie is the first position as Lydia kicks into a higher gear. More lifting and bouncing is ahead as they also switch to anal part way through. More oral and switching between doggie and being in the air for Lydia before she gets to rest a bit as she rides Ramon in side saddle before he pops in her mouth. The intensity continues to climb in this scene as you can no doubt tell by the description above. I would have liked to have seen another position here but what we get is quite delightful to watch.

Scene : Kenzie Taylor and John Strong

Kenzie’s tease has her an and out of a camper in a tied off flannel shirt. She is then joined by John, or more specifically John’s cock because that is all we see as Kenzie starts thing immediately with a BJ. From there they move right into doggie and then spoons. More oral follows before Kenzie climbs up and rides John in cowgirl. Reverse cowgirl follows and then into missionary as John takes the initiative to choke Kenzie a bit while her head hits a picture on the wall. They go back to reverse cowgirl and then finish in standing doggie before Kenzie drops back down to suck him off and lets him fuck her breasts until he pops on them. And of course they save the best scene for last. While I wouldn’t say it was as intense as the previous, this scene made up for it with a nice variety of scenes though I would have liked to have seen Kenzie have her pussy eaten out for an extended amount of time.

Final Thoughts and Conclusion:

The redneck or “trailer trash” trope has been used quite a bit in porn throughout the years but I found this take on it refreshing. The use of the outdoors was a nice touch for the teases and for the sex scenes other than Kenzie’s which was inside. Other than the few minor issues I mentioned above this is a solid title with a great cast made up of veterans and up and comers. I give Trailer Park Girls a 4.25 out of 5

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