Review of Under the Veil Act Three

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Under the Veil Act Three focuses on Sister Kenna (James) and her further struggles and her finding out that she must begin training to be be Father Tommy’s (Tommy Pistol) vestal virgin if he ends up becoming an archbishop. The first half focuses on her finding out this information and her initial training from Mother Superior (Helena Locke). The second half has Kenna finding out what happened to Charlotte and her deciding to secretly help her out in whatever way she can while continuing her training and regular duties.

Scene 1: Helena Locke and Kenna James

After punishing Tommy with some whipping, Helena turns to Kenna and has her undress and makes Tommy watch. Helena starts off fondling her and then starts to get undressed herself as she starts to finger her. This then leads to Kenna laying back on the bed as Helena buries her tongue inside her. Tommy is forced to continue watching as Helena climbs on top of Kenna and grinds on her. Helena then finishes the scene by riding her face as well.

Scene 2: Charlotte Stokely and Kenna James

After coming across Charlotte in her cell. Kenna sneaks away to help her in her free time and this eventually leads to them kissing in her cell. Thing start off soft and sensual as they kiss and touch each other. Kenna then takes the initiative and starts to fingers Charlotte once they both undress. The tables turn as Charlotte then starts to suck on Kenna’s nipples while working her way down to her pussy. They passionately kiss some more after this and then Kenna has her turn as she eats out Charlotte while holding her hands.

Final Thoughts and Rating:

Well this makes this series three for three as far as solid story and sex. It was great to see Kenna perform in a sex scene and we get the pleasure of watching her in two of them with two amazing partners. I especially liked the dichotomy between the two scenes as Helena was completely dominate in her scene while the scene with Charlotte was much softer, sort of the difference between “fucking” and “making love.” Obviously if you watched and enjoyed the first two acts you are going to want to watch this one as well and I give act three a 5 out of 5.

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