Review of Where the Boys Aren’t 11 – 15

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Where the Boys Aren’t 11

Story: Dyanna and Janine are running a high end brothel where clients come in to be “entertained” by hostesses. Up until now they have always been dressed like men but Dyanna wants to change that.

Scene 1: Heather Hunter, Jenteal and Kobe Tai

We open with Kobe getting dressed up like a geisha as Dyanna watches. Kobe decides to get frisky as she unzips her pants and fingers her a bit before rubbing it on her skin. Dyanna then leaves and talks to Janine, who thinks their plan isn’t going to work but Dyanna assures her it will. Kobe then joins Heather and Jenteal to be their hostess. They start to undress as Dyanna and Janine look on as Kobe starts to please them both. After some foreplay Kobe dives right into Jenteal. Heather then takes over s Kobe starts to play with her at the same time. Jenteal then slides to the side as Kobe goes all in on Heather’s pussy. Dyanna and Janine start getting friendly from their vantage point as we go back to Kobe licking Heather while Heather takes care of Jenteal.

Scene 2: Dyanna Lauren, Leslie Glass, and Tia Bella

Next we have Leslie and Tia dancing next to a piano. Dyanna watches initially and then comes in when Tia is being too nice and she has to take control. Leslie watches as Dyanna manhandles Tia. She eats her out for a bit before she start to dominate Leslie, ordering her to strip and then eat out Tia after stripping her down. Dyanna then finishes getting undressed as she sits on Leslie’s face while Tia eats her out. Leslie then has to watch as Dyanna uses and pink dildo on Tia. Tia and Dyanna then control Leslie further as he bend her over and spank her before fingering and licking her to finish the scene.

Scene 3: Dyanna Lauren and Janine

It’s later that night and Dyanna and Janine discuss the day as they start too undress and Janine starts rubbing on her. They both get naked and on the floor as Janine bends her over to eat her from behind. Janine then puts on a strapon as she slides it inside Dyanna from behind. Dyanna then gets a taste of Janine as Janine uses a dildo on herself before the kiss to wrap the scene.

Scene 4 :Jenteal and Tia Bella

It’s the next morning and Dyanna and Kobe discuss Dyanna getting all glammed up instead of dressing like a guy. Kobe thinks she’d look gorgeous and next we see Kobe helping her achieve that look. Dyanna, now glammed up and is now playing an undercover as she and Tia host Jenteal. They interrogate her And after she answers some questions, Tia starts undressing and fingering, licking and spanking her. Jenteal then gets a turn to eat out Tia as Dyanna watches the whole time.

Scene 5: Dyanna Lauren, Heather Hunter, Janine, Jenteal, Kobe Tai, Leslie Glass and Tia Bella

Later and now all the guests and hostesses are together having a good old fashion orgy. Including toys and of course plenty of kissing and pussy eating.

Final Thoughts and Rating:

The premise of being a brothel for women where the workers almost exclusively dress up as men is pretty interesting all on it’s own but then you add in the sex and it steps up to another level. It was cool seeing almost the same cast here as the last movie. Granted that most of the women here were signed with Vivid at the time but the inclusion of Heather and Tia again was nice to see. Again I’d say this is one of the better entries and I give it a 4.5 our of 5.

Where the Boys Aren’t 12

Story: A group of friends head to a mountain retreat for some R&R but things take a turn when escaped convicts crash the party.

Scene 1: Devon and Sky

Things start off quickly as we join Devon, who is face down and naked, as Sky licks and fingers her pussy/ Devon then flips over onto her back as Sky continues to finger her. Next Sky lays down as Devon rides her face. Jenteal and Raylene then walk in and interrupt Sky fingering her from behind again because they are running late and need to go.

Scene 2: Devon, Jenteal and Raylene

The ladies arrive at the resort and setup a blanket for Devon’s “initiation”, Devon is on her knees as she starts to eat out a standing Raylene while Jenteal undresses her and gives her a few spanks for good measure. After a bit of foreplay, Raylene lays back as Jenteal takes over licking duty as Devon grabs some water and pours it all over Raylene. Jenteal then gets a taste of Devon while Raylene works on Devon’s nipples before she gets a taste of Jenteal. Raylene then pulls out her strapon and starts giving it to Devon as she leans against Jenteal to finish the scene,

Scene 3: Alex Taylor, Janine and Kobe Tai

As the ladies in the previous scene are having their fun they are being watched by Kobe. She is one of the convicts and the rest of the gang are hiding out in one of the rooms at the resort. Kobe steals the others car and their clothes and goes back to her group. She and Janine kiss and Julia Ann leaves as they kiss more and Alex sticks around to go through the bounty before joining Janine and Kobe. Janine gets a bit rough with Kobe as Alex tries on lingerie. Some toys are found in the bags and Janine uses one on Kobe as she licks her at the same time in missionary and doggy. Kobe then gets a chance to taste Janine as Alex finally joins the party by groping Janine from behind. Alex and Kobe then pull out out two toys to DP Janine. Alex then finishes things off by licking Kobe while Janine eats her from behind.

Scene 4: Alex Taylor Julia Ann, Raylene and Taylor Hayes

Taylor Hayes interrupts the last scene when she comes in, as the property owner’s wife, to kick them out. Janine takes her shotgun though and controls the situation quickly. Taylor eventually gets tied up and that’s when the other three show up and get locked into another room. Alex is the one who is watching them. Raylene says they’ll help her stay out of jail if they help them and as the other two leave they start to make out. Eventually Alex starts to eat our Raylene as she is being stood over by her. At this point Julia shows back up and walks in and joins in after a short conversation. She brings Taylor in as well and has her untied as Julia starts making out with her as Raylene licks Alex. They all end up on the bed together and end up in a big pile at others points as they licks and suck on each other.

Scene 5: Alex Taylor, Devon, Janine, Jenteal, Julia Ann, Kobe Tai, Raylene and Taylor Hayes

Everyone ends up back in the room where the convicts were hiding out and they all decide to have some fun together. Plenty of action to go around here and Janine pulls out a strapon to boost the action even more.

Final Thoughts and Rating:

This was the first movie in this series that I ever watched so it has a special place in my heart. All the scenes have great action and great dirty talk from all involved, especially Raylene, Janine and Julia. It’s a must watch and I give it a 5 out of 5.

Where the Boys Aren’t 13

Story Jenteal is getting married and her friends are throwing her a bachelorette party.

Scene 1: Devon, Kobe Tai and Sky

Everyone meets each other to start off and then we see Devon and Kobe in their room as Kobe shows off a dildo for her lover before they kiss and undress. Kobe then lays back as Devon munches on her box for a while before they switch positions. Kobe breaks out the dildo again and starts using it on Devon as she lays on the bed before Sky comes in and tells Devon that she has was Kobe really likes ad reveals another dildo. But first she climbs up on the bed and starts to lick Kobe as Devon watches. Sky then takes the dildo and starts sliding it inside Kobe while Devon 69s with Kobe to finish off he scene.

Scene 2: Alex Taylor, Dyanna Lauren, Raylene and Taylor Hayes

Later on and all the girls are hanging out and having a good time until Julia and Taylor show up and there is a small fight until only four remain and they start to have their own fun. Alex goes with Dyanna and Taylor with Raylene as Dyanna and Raylene start things off by eating out their partners. The partners switch off as the receive becomes the giver before they swap partners as the scene fades to black.

Scene 3: Jenteal, Julia Ann and Taylor Hayes

These three ladies are outside and talking about whether Jenteal should go through with the wedding. After a quick conversation, Jenteal and Julia stat to make out and are then joined by Taylor who starts off masturbating to the side while Jenteal goes down on Julia. Taylor then mounts Julia’s face as Jenteal continues to lick her pussy. Taylor then gets a taste of Julia as Jenteal fingers her from behind. A shot break follows and Julia starts licking Jenteal as she leans against a tee and Taylor goes back to masturbating.

Scene 4: Janine and Raylene

Janine is telling Raylene about the recent movie she shot and Janine wants her to reenact a scene with her where the end up kissing and that leads to more fun things as Janine bends Raylene over to eat her out after some light foreplay. Raylene returns the favor as Janine leans against and then sits on the table before she starts rimming Raylene. Next Janine gets out a glass dildo and starts using it on Raylene’s ass and to finish the scene Raylene pulls out a pink dildo to use on Janine while she flicks her clit. Janine adds a white vibe to the party as well as she gets DPd.

Scene 5: Alex Taylor, Devon, Dyanna Lauren, Janine, Jenteal, Julia Ann, Kobe Tai, Raylene, Sky and Taylor Hayes

It’s now night time and all the ladies are outside and decide to send Jenteal off with an old fashioned orgy which includes plenty of pussy fingering and licking, toys, strapons and even a whip cream fight.

Final Thoughts and Rating;

This was the second Where the Boys Aren’t I had ever seen and just like part 12 it holds a special place in my heart. The opening scene with Devon, Kobe and Sky is still one of favorite all-girl scenes to date, I just wish it was a little longer. The large cast allows for everyone to have a scene to highlight their talents before the orgy scene at the end of the movie, which is always a plus. I give Where the Boys Aren’t 13 a 4.5 out of 5.

Where the Boys Aren’t 14

Story: Basically a “scenes from a bar” setup, in this case a lesbian bar, owned and operated by Jenna Jameson. The movie is also shot in a POV style as we see from the perspective on an unseen British camera woman.

Scene 1: Dasha, Dayton Rains and Kira Kener

Dayton plays a shoe shine girl as Dasha is up in her chair as they start to play. First some literal boot licking from Dayton before she dives right in with her tongue and fingers. Dasha then bends Dayton over and eats her out as we then see Kira masturbating off to the side. Kira then joins the fun as she hops in the chair while she kisses Dasha and Dayton eats her out before the scene ends.

Scene 2: Dasha and Jenna Jameson

Next Jenna tells Dasha that what she just did was so hot and she wanted a taste. She tells the camera to keep rolling and proceeds to lick and kiss her way down her body before diving in tongue and fingers first. Dasha then gets her turn as she bends Jenna over the bar ton tongue her. Dasha then gets Jenna on top of the bar as fingers her with digits.

Scene 3: Briana Banks, Jenna Jameson, Raylene and Taylor Hayes

Jenna continues to talk to the camera and explains that they have male dancers there too and that they play a little game to entice them to step off their boxes which is a bit evil since if they do they’ll be fired. The game of course is putting on a show n front of them as the ladies proceed to make out and eat each other out.

Scene 4: Chelsea Sinclaire and Cheyenne Silver

We finally get to see who has been holding the camera and it is Chelsea Sinclaire as she hands the camera off to Jenna as she starts to kiss Cheyenne. After a bit of kissing, Cheyenne gets right down to it as she starts eating out Chelsea and going back to kiss her too. Cheyenne even slides a finger inside Chelsea’s ass at one point before she straddles her face so that she can get a taste too. Chelsea then wraps things up as she bends Cheyenne over and takes her from behind.

Scene 5: Briana Banks, Chelsea Sinclaire, Cheyenne Silver, Dasha, Dayton Rain, Kira Kener, Raylene and Taylor Hayes

We then jump right into the orgy with Jenna holding the camera and the rest of the ladies having fun on and around a pool table.

Final Thoughts and Rating;

The gonzo style of this entry is a stark departure from the previous movies but it works really well. The action gets a big chaotic considering most of the scenes feature three or more performers and it becomes a bit distracting. The highlights are the one on one scenes and that’s unfortunate given the talent in the other scenes. This is a decent entry with a cool concept that unfortunately falls a bit flat at time and I give it a 3.75 out of 5.

Where the Boys Aren’t 15

Story: The lives of the all-girl staff of a car garage.

Scene 1: Dasha, Kira Kener and Raylene

Things start off immediately as we see Dasha sucking on Kira’s ripples inside a car. She then switches things up by fingering her before Kira starts to eat her out and finger her too. Raylene walks in and watches them go at it as she decides to masturbate off to the side. Dasha then pulls out a pink dildo to to use on Kira. The dildo is attached to a wrench and allows Dasha to spin it while inside Kira before the wrap up and get dressed again.

Scene 2: Chelsea Sinclair and Raylene

Raylene goes to her office and is joined by Chelsea as they start to kiss almost immediately. Chelsea then gets down and starts to lick and suck on Raylene’s pussy before Raylene does the seams to Chelsea. They then finish with some deep kissing.

Scene 3: Briana Banks, Cheyenne Silver and Taylor Hayes

Briana, as a bank employee, then arrives and wants to know if there is a decent bathroom around while being a bit of a diva. They point her in the right direction and when she walks in she thinks she is in the men’s room because Cheyenne and Taylor are using the urinals/ She tries o leave but they grab her and start undressing her while groping and kissing her with their oiled covered hands. They all get undressed as Taylor then starts to finger Briana. Cheyenne then straddles Briana’s face as Briana buries her tongue inside her as they then 69. Briana then eats and fingers both of them at the same time as Taylor and Cheyenne hover over her. Kisses all around to wrap up the scene.

Scene 4: Chelsea Sinclaire and Dayton Rains

Dayton is trying to explain what is wrong with her car as Chelsea is underneath it. Things heat up quickly though as Chelsea starts to eat her out as she is bent over the engine. Dayton then gets her own taste as she bends Chelsea over the car as well before lapping and fingering her pussy from the front. Dayton then rolls up onto a stack of tires as Chelsea licks and sucks on her ass/

Scene 5: Briana Banks, Chelsea Sinclaire, Cheyenne Silver, Dasha, Kira Kener, Raylene and Taylor Hayes

After Chelsea and Dayton wrap things up they are joined by Raylene and Briana, who has now been converted into a grease monkey, as Raylene says that their money woes are over. The rest of the ladies then come in and they all pile onto each other for an orgy. Plenty of toys, including more wrench dildos, come out for this scene.

Final Thoughts and Rating:

Another simple premise here but the action makes up for it because, after all, that is what we are here for. The added dirtiness of the oil covered hands and it smearing on the bodies of the “clean” girls is especially nice and realistic. Another fun entry and I give it a 4.25 out of 5.

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