Romantic Adventures Explores Sexual Wellness and People with Disabilities

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(Pearl, MS) — Premier adult novelties retailer Romantic Adventures is making extra space on the store shelves for an increasing – and increasingly vocal – segment of her local community: people with disabilities.
As revenues for the global sexual wellness market reach into the billions, adult novelty toymakers, distributors and retailers are expanding their customer reach as well; according to store owner/manager Tami Rose, this underserved client base – and its spending power – is actually quite significant,
“When I first started working with the public at Romantic Adventures, I was surprised at how often this subject comes up!” says Rose.  “Our store is fully ADA compliant, and we have several people who use wheelchairs that cruise in to shop on a fairly regular basis. It’s no problem for us because our store design is wide open and easy for them to navigate.”
Rose noted that “my state, Mississippi, is third in the nation for adult-onset diabetes; it can make sexual performance for men very challenging. Enhancement supplements help, but keeping the blood flowing, using pumps and prostate stimulation is important as well. If a partner is not available or in the mood, it is part of a healthy routine to stay sexually active on a regular basis.”
Simply offering more accommodating products and providing a convenient shopping experience can make a big difference in end-of-day sales receipts, she adds. “We have sticks with hooks for shorter-statured people to pull clothing if they prefer us not to hover, and we’ve got one customer that calls ahead so we can run his weekly order of enhancement supplements out to the parking lot for him.
“I think shopping with freedom and dignity is part of what makes the experience valuable to those with physical challenges… the sad fact is that we are all sitting in bodies that age and don’t work the same as time creeps up on us. I’m glad the human spirit is hopeful enough to devise detours around all the trials that come up in life.”
To learn more about Romantic Adventures, visit or follow on Twitter @R_Adventures_.

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