Romi Chase Offers Free Advertising to Black-Owned Businesses on Her Popular Platforms

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Adult performer and model Romi Chase is letting fans know where she stands on the Black Lives Matter issue by offering affiliated black-owned businesses free advertising space on her social platforms.
“My heart goes out to everyone who has been affected by the recent tragic incident involving the Minneapolis police murdering an African-American man, George Floyd,” says Chase. “I cannot possibly relate to how his family and friends feel… I can’t relate to any of the issues the black community has to face on a daily basis living in this country.
“However, I want to emphasize that I stand with black people in these hard times, and wanted to take some time and thought about it for a few days to try to process the events since I’m a new immigrant to the states myself, and I don’t necessarily understand everything that’s going on and the issues the US is dealing with.
“Instead of posting memes and quotes on my social media, I want to do something that matters, something that will actually help the black community, by offering 10 free advertising slots for black-owned businesses on my social media platforms… this is a great way to utilize my huge following on my two Instagram accounts (550,000 and 108,000) to help the black community and show my support.
“If you are a black-owned business and in need of advertising, please send me a direct message on my Instagram @romi_chase or email at for further details.”
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