Sara Jay Launches CBD Self-Care Line

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New York, NY — Veteran adult star Sara Jay continues her quest for giving the world as much pleasure as possible with her brand new CBD line

“I’m so excited about the launch of my new CBD line! If you know me then you know I like to make people feel good,” says Sara Jay. “I have experienced so much relief from CBD I wanted to share it with the world. I think you will truly find therapeutic satisfaction from incorporating my new products into your self-care routine.”

Sara Jay has been very excited about the cannabis industry’s growth and changes that have developed over the years and this growth has allowed for the scientific advancement and knowledge of the benefits of CBD. Many people have reported so many great uses for CBD: pain management, migraines, stress, insomnia, and an over all boost to the immune system.

“I always was aware of the benefits of cannabis, but sometimes, simply put, you just don’t want to get high! Isolating CBD from the hemp plant, has allowed more people to experience these benefits. I have experienced these benefits first-hand, and have fallen in love with CBD. I have always had a long history of sleeplessness, not being able to wind down when it is time, but I’ve found that CBD has really assisted me in falling asleep. Between getting older and living an active lifestyle I experience a lot of muscle fatigue and soreness, CBD provides me with some relief there too. I only endorse products that I use. Even my Mom uses CBD for migraines and insomnia!”

The CBD products on Sara Jay CBD are all full spectrum hemp extract products, extracted by supercritical CO2. This process ensures the quality and holistic integrity of the hemp plant, keeping it free of chemicals and impurities. All of the CBD products have been tested by independent third party labs and certified for label accuracy, purity, and potency.

“I want to make sure that I provide my customers with only the best,” says Sara Jay. “I’m certain that you will experience plenty of relaxation and, more importantly, satisfaction when you begin incorporating these CBD products into your self-care routine!”

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