Sara St. Clair, Actress and Author of “Romance Costs Extra,” Captivates Podcast Audiences

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 Sara St. Clair (, the multifaceted model, adult actress, and co-author of the scintillating book “Romance Costs Extra,” has been making waves on the airwaves, engaging in insightful conversations on two prominent podcasts.

Sara recently joined Marcela Alonso on the Get Schooled Podcast, where she shared intriguing insights into her erotic career and the creative process behind her debut literary work. The episode, titled “Sara St Clair: Adult Romance Author,” is now available on Apple Podcasts

In addition to her appearance on Get Schooled, Sara St. Clair also graced a recent episode of “Your Worst Friend: Going Deeper,” Season 5 Episode 4. This fun and sexy conversation can be viewed on YouTube at

“Romance Costs Extra,” co-authored by Sara St. Clair alongside Danielle Aimie, is a riveting exploration of passion and love. The AVN Awards nominated book is available for purchase on Amazon at

Expressing her enthusiasm for the podcast appearances, Sara remarked, “I’m thrilled to connect with my fans on these podcasts and shows. It’s an opportunity to share more about my sexy career, the creative process behind ‘Romance Costs Extra,’ and connect on a more personal level.”

Fans and followers are encouraged to tune in to these podcast episodes to get an intimate glimpse into Sara St. Clair’s experiences and perspectives. The podcasts offer a unique platform to delve deeper into the life of this talented adult actress and author.

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