Scarlet Lyone Interviewed by Cam Life Magazine

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Curvy stunner Scarlet Lyone is featured in a big new interview online for CamLife Magazine. The in-depth post covers her childhood, what it’s like being a performer in Australia, her turn on and off’s, her favorite features, who should like to hook up with on camera, celebrity crushes, and much, much more!

When asked why it took so long for the gorgeous model to try camming, Scarlet offered an answer brimming with her refreshing brand of honesty and bluntness.

“Everything happens in stages and it’s no different to my approach in the adult industry,” Scarlet said. “For the last year, I’ve been establishing my style of porn, experimenting with new concepts and camming had been on my mind since day one. Camming takes a whole new level of confidence to do it ‘well’ and I’m all about showing my face on the screen.”

For Scarlet it’s all about giving the fans the quality they deserve.

“Confidence plays a major factor in the way I perform on screen, and I always want to deliver something worthwhile to my viewer, ensuring they have a good time as well as feeling confident in how I’ve delivered,” continued Lyone. “The adult entertainers who began their careers camming on sites like Omelge probably wouldn’t feel that pressure but that’s not how I started.”

“Camming was a request that I’ve had multiple times and I just felt that I’m now at a point where I’m ready to do it, it offers another level of intimacy and I think in contrast to aiming to produce something ‘perfect’ for release on the site, seeing me/speaking to me on a facetime in real time offers another dimension of me to the site.” Read the amazing interview in full now at

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