So, You Think You Might Want To Write Some Dirty Words?

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Writers are asked all the time, “So, how does one start writing?” to which almost every writer will have the same answer, ”Um, well, you just start writing.” And, if the stuff you want to start writing might be a little, well, naughty, there should be no difference in the reply. 

It doesn’t matter what kind of writing you want to do; the would-be writer still has to take the first step and…start writing.

Sure, if you are pouring out salacious scenes, maybe finally penning your favorite fantasy, getting down the facts of some amazing night of sin you had with a few friends (you lucky bugger), you might want to make sure you are squirreled away in the far corner of the coffee shop as you flip those digits across your laptop keyboard. But the fact of the matter remains: you still have to start writing in order to write dirty words.

This ‘get up and get going’ prodding works for almost everything. In order to do what you want, you have to get to do it. Sounds simple, right? Well, it is, actuality, but we all get waylaid by life, work, school, and thoughts of “I can’t write this down, what if somebody sees?!” Modern life is full of distractions, good and bad. But if you have a burning desire for something—writing, planting a garden, learning how to line-dance—the need to do that will probably not soon leave you.

You might as well get to doing it.

Now, writing is a unique endeavor, as unique as anything else one wants to do. And writing dirty words that take a kind of discipline (no, not that kind of discipline, get your head out of the gutter!) You need not censor yourself before you get the words out; you need to find a way to keep yourself honest, even if you don’t want to face your naughtiest thoughts. It’s best to let the stuff out, ‘ejaculate’ it across your page or computer screen. Let it out. Worry about what it is later.

First and foremost, write.

The deep, dark secret nobody ever tells you about writing dirty words is that there are plenty of people just like you penning filthy sex scenes, giving forth on a ribald poem, setting their slowly unfurling talents to a good old-fashioned sex romp one-act. And there are even more people who, while maybe not having a desire to write something naughty down on paper, are damn well thinking about lots of kinky ideas and fetishes.

Do you think you are the only one? I’d bet even your grandma had come of ‘those’ thoughts. 

Eww, not grandma!

Humans are sexual beings. Where else do you think other humans come from? And some of us naked apes like to write and even more like to write about that which gives us a tickle you know where. So, if you are of a mind (or a lust), pull yourself up to the laptop or even your phone and give it a go.

Write those dirty words.

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