You’re Selling WHAT??? Fans Utopia Gets Personal with Stars’ Body Fluids for Sale

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(Los Angeles, CA) — Fans Utopia, a specialty e-commerce site for adult stars looking to sell their personal items to really dedicated fans, is now offering custom vials of body fluids in an effort to reap the rewards of an ever-growing demand for intimate specialty items that offer the ultimate in exclusivity.

“I want buyers to feel as if nothing is off-limits when it comes to their requests, and trust in me that I will do my best to meet their needs,” said Fans Utopia owner Natasha. “I wanted to create a fun, safe and non-judgmental place for people to indulge in their fantasies – a high-end custom experience… classy and modern.

Natasha added that the current online market is exploding with requests for not only body fluids, but also their favorite celebrities’ hair, nail clippings, bathwater, teeth, clothing, etc. “It is rare and definitely an oddity to own something like that, but it’s probably the highest bragging rights you can have… it’s something so unique for a collector of any industry.”

Currently up for sale: custom body vials from adult performers Kenzie Anne, Siri Dahl and Amirah Leia, as well as a wide variety of personal pieces available from stars such as Brittany Kade, Cara Belle, Bunny Madison, Nikki Sweet, Coco Lovelock, Kenna James, Kenzie Taylor, Samantha Mack and many more, with items up for grabs such as clothing, lingerie, socks, shoes, workout wear and anything else fans can dream up to make their own.

“I want my fans to feel as close to me as possible. They already love smelling my body on used lingerie, clothing, shoes, socks, etc., so I want to give them the closest experience they can to being with me,” said Kenzie Anne. “In my personal life, I love for my partners to enjoy the scents of my body in a sexual and worshiping way; selling my fluids allows an exclusive level of closeness.”

Siri Dahl said, “Over the past year, I’ve loved collabing with Fans Utopia to sell my worn items and autographed collectibles! And now I’m so thrilled to offer my fans the most personal, intimate collectible of all – literally, a small piece of me.”

UK starlet Amirah Leia, a fan favorite with the most views on the website, added, “I’m so glad I found Fans Utopia; using the site has made it possible for my subscribers and social media followers to have a piece of me at home! I’ve always been asked over the years if I sold my worn items, but I never really knew how to go about this, so finding Fans Utopia has been amazing. The whole process is so easy for me as a seller, and a few of my subscribers have messaged me to let me know they’ve bought my items and they love them! 

“I get so excited when subscribers request specific lingerie for me to send off to them, and wearing the items around the house or to the gym for them, knowing they’ll be enjoying them in a week or two, just makes wearing sexy lingerie even better!”

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