Lust Naked’s Hemp Oil Products Taps Joy Novelties for Distribution

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Los Angeles— The new Lust Naked line of Hemp Oil intimate and wellness products is now available thru Joy Novelties. “Lust Naked is an exciting skincare experience that is fun, sensual and even a little naughty.” Said Joy Novelties President Keith Gordon. “Skin is at the epicenter of sexual excitement and satisfaction, and yet skincare is traditionally such a boring and routine experience. Our manufacturers at Lust Naked decided to change all that. They decided to create skincare products that remind you of the sheer pleasure of touching your own skin and also enhance your experience when you touch someone else. Skincare should be fun, bright, sexy and even just a little naughty. After all, isn’t ‘looking good naked’ the whole reason we spend time on the appearance of our skin in the first place?”

“We also LOVE hemp. We could go on and on about our love for hemp (in all its wonderful forms!). Lust Naked chose hemp seed oil as the foundation of all our products because it’s THC-free and so incredibly good for your skin. It may just be the sexiest botanical on the planet. This product does not contain any CBD, It is derived from all pure hemp seed oil, which has amazing medicinal properties.” He also said.

The initial collection offers hemp seed oil in a sensual range. The first nine skus already shipping include Hemp Natural Massage and Body Oil, Hemp Lickable Body Powder with Body Brush, Hemp Antibacterial Toy Cleaner, Hemp Body Lotion, Melt My Ice Dice Game with Hemp Bag, and Hemp Natural Massage Gels in three flavors and one unflavored.” Added Joy Novelties sales manager David Peskin.

“We introduced Lust Naked just after securing distribution days before the ANME Show. It was a home run! The buyers loved the ingredients, packaging, and pricing. The first orders began shipping shortly after and immediately began re-ordering. Our large inventory just came back in stock and we are now shipping all of the orders from the VIBE show as well.” He added.

Lust Naked hemp oil and wellness products is officially now available to brick and mortar stores, chain stores, distributors, and online stores worldwide.

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