Netflix & Chill Gets Turned on Its Head with Magic Motion & SyncMo Joining Forces

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(Hong Kong) Magic Motion, the brains behind some of the best smart sex toys on the market, has teamed up with SyncMo, the ultimate in video-toy sync technology, to bring consumers the wildest fantasies of their lives.
By joining forces, the Magic Motion Edition of SyncMo is here. It lets Magic Motion customers fully immerse themselves in any recorded or live video to feel real-time pleasure. Connect any video content to Magic Motion’s range of interactive sex toys and let the magic begin.

Magic Motion Edition of SyncMo’s innovative technology is set to revolutionize the world of sex tech by transforming the way sexuality and pleasure are approached.

This new feature is the ultimate turn-on with real-time video motion detection and sex toy sync technology, allowing users to experience a whole new level of sexual pleasure while watching any video online. SyncMo is completely private and doesn’t collect or transmit the consumer’s data.

Magic Motion is shaking up the game with this new video-toy sync feature that celebrates diversity and inclusivity. Magic Motion is all about sexual wellness and sexual health and for all adults to explore their sexuality free without discrimination. This new feature gives users a safe space to express themselves and explore their deepest desires.

“Magic Motion and SyncMo are closing the pleasure gap, giving everyone, regardless of race, sexual preference, or location, the opportunity to experience sexual pleasure,” says Sam Hsieh, Founder and CEO of Magic Motion. “All Magic Motion sex toys can be easily used on this platform.”

Find out more about the Magic Motion Edition of SyncMo and get a free trial at

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