Retro Review: Second Thoughts

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Today is January 14th 2020 and it is the birthday of one of my favorite, if not under appreciated, performers in my opinion, Austin Kincaid. So in honor of Austin’s 40th birthday I felt that I would feature her in this months Retro Review. Second Thoughts came out in 2005, directed and written by Stormy Daniels for Wicked Pictures, and features Austin in one of her few main acting roles as soon to be wed woman who is, surprise surprise, having second thoughts about who she is marrying. What happens the night of their bachelor and bachelorette parties clarifies things for our young bride, or so she thinks. Find out what goes through the mind of a woman having Second Thoughts.

Scene 1: Austin Kincaid and Evan Stone

We open on a film set where Lezley Zen is in bed with Evan Stone. Their moment is interrupted by Stormy, who delivers her line and then they call cut. She tries to be friendly with Lezley but she rebuffs her and complains that maybe next time she will know her lines. Lezley tries to come on to Evan who stops her with an invitation to his wedding and we then switch to Austin and Michelle La at Austin’s house. Michelle mentions that she is planning a party for her the night before the wedding and that is when Evan comes in. Michelle leaves and after a few words the couple begins to make out. They engage in some foreplay and then Austin is down on her knees and sucking him off. For their first position Austin climbs up into cowgirl as she moans and coos in delight. From, there they slide into missionary and then into side saddle before he pulls out and cums on her face. Cute if not intense opening scene here. Austin and Evan’s chemistry is spot on and fun to watch.

Scene 2: Michelle Lay and Randy Spears

Next we have Austin talking to Keri Sable who says she should have let her plan the bachelorette party. Evan then comes in after taking a shower in order to get ready for a dinner/bachelor party. We switch back to Michelle as she is telling her husband, Randy Spears, to keep an eye on things because she knows how those parties can get out of hand. He agrees to do so and she starts kissing him and after a short cut to Austin and the start of her party we see them continue to make out. A bit of foreplay follows before Michelle takes it upon herself to deepthroat him. She then slides on top for cowgirl while moaning in his face. Randy then takes over in missionary causing Michelle to erupt in dirty talk before switching to doggie. Randy finishes by spraying a nice load on her ass. Michelle then surprises him with an “I heart my wife” tie for him to wear that night. Like the previous scene I would describe this as both cute and intense. Unfortunately there was no pussy licking, just like the last scene as well, but you can’t have everything.

Scene 3: Lexi Lamour Tory Lane, Chris Evans, Ethan Cage, Kris Knight, Nick Jacobs and Randy Spears

Back to Austin and we see Evan explaining how filming his show works to two adoring fans who are attending the bachelorette party. Later we see the two parties start to unfold including Austin showing off her dress and gifts. The guys get a little crazier though as the dancers, Lexi Lamour and Tory Lane, show up. Now this is technically two separate scenes, which is broken up in the middle with Austin sharing her second thoughts about marriage, but seeing as how short the girl/girl section is I felt like I would combine them. To start off, the girl/girl section gets pretty crazy and by the end Lexi uses a a speculum and dildo inside Tory’s ass and before that Lexi riding Tory’s strap-on. After the break I mentioned earlier, Lexi and Evan end up leaving and Tory stays behind for a blowbang. No sex here for those who were expecting that but still fast paced as they finish but cumming on her chest and face.

Scene 4: Keri Sable and Taylor Zen

Back to the bachelorette party where Keri and Austin try to sneak away but are caught by Michelle who ends up tagging along. Keri drives them off and when they arrive she says she has a plan and leaves to go talk to this guy she knows played by Taylor Zen. Turns out he is kind of a creep and used the internet to find out where she lived and all of this other personal info about her and she needs him to do the same thing to someone else. In exchange she starts to suck him off, after we see Tory riding one of the bachelor party guys like a horse. From there Keri hops up in cowgirl while fingering her ass. Doggie is the next position up before finishing in reverse cowgirl anal and taking his load in her mouth. While the first two scenes were intense but still romantic, the last three have been down and dirty, which I appreciate because it keeps the viewer on their toes.

Scene 5: Lezley Zen and Evan Stone

After Keri returns the ladies head over to a bar where Keri tries to set Austin up with her ex/ Michelle tries to call Randy while this is going on and we see that the bachelor party is still going strong. This upsets Michelle obviously as she loosens up and starts to drink to the point she has to be carried out of the club. We then jump ahead to the next day and Austin is getting for the ceremony. She decides she is going to talk to Evan and tell him she is happy with her decision to marry him. While on her way we see Evan and Lezley as she is on her knees and sucking him off. Evan turns things around as he eats Lezley out for a bit before they go into cowgirl on the floor. They both stand up for doggie next before Evan cums on her face. Another quick and nasty scene that we all had to see coming because Lezley always gets what she wants.

Scene 6: Austin Kincaid and Chris Evans

No surprise but Austin catches the pair not long after they finish and start to get dressed again. She runs off and we skip ahead a year as find her with her new husband played by Chris Evans. They start with some nice kissing and foreplay before he starts to lick and finger her before she gives him a BJ. First position up is doggie as Austin groans before continuing in missionary. The scene then finishes with a cumshot across her chest. Considering how intense and dirty most of the scenes were leading up to the finale I appreciate that this one was more soft and sensual.

Final Thoughts and Rating:

By the time this movie came out, writer and director, Stormy Daniels was finding her groove in both areas of film making. The pacing is spot on, the sex fits into the story with ease and the most important part is that it is fun to watch. I would have liked to have seen a but more variety when it came to which positions were used but that is a minor issue. Overall this is a fun romp and it has enough action and variety when it comes to the types of scenes there are that everyone can find something to enjoy and therefore I give Second Thoughts a 4.25 out of 5.

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