Retro Reviews: Deep Inside Stacy Valentine

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Seeing that Valentine’s Day falls right in the middle of February, what better choice is there for this month’s Retro Review then a Stacy Valentine movie. In a first for me I chose Deep Inside Stacy Valentine from VCA. The Deep Inside series from VCA was unique in that while they were compilations, they were compilations that were hosted by the star themselves and featured a new scene at the end. In the case of this movie, Stacy is the middle of shooting another VCA title called Cold Feet, while she is filming the intros and new scene for this movie. So lets find out what is Deep Inside Stacy Valentine.

Scene 1: Stacy Valentine and Alex Sanders from Undercover Desires

For out first scene we find Alex Sanders going into a hotel room and is soon after joined by Stacy, They immediately start making out until Alex pushes Stacy onto the bed and eats her out. Stacy gets very vocal throughout and then she gives him a nice blowjob before moving into reverse cowgirl. After reverse cowgirl they go into doggie as Stacy continues to moan and coo. Doggie anal, while in a bathtub, is the final position before before Alex pulls out for the pop shot on her face and chest.

Scene 2: Stacy Valentine, Shayla LaVeaux and Tony Tedeschi from Eternal Lust

We start off with Shayla on the bed with Stacy off to the side. She is joined by Tony and they start to kiss as Stacy joins them on the bed while Tony eats out Stacy. They share his dick and play with each other before going into a 69 while Tony starts having sex with Shayla in missionary. Stacy then hops on top for cowgirl whole Tony eats out Shayla some more. From there the ladies move back into a 69 as Tony takes Shayla from behind in doggie before cumming in Stacy’s mouth while she licks Shayla.

Scene 3: Stacy Valentine and Nick East from LA Lust

For this scene we see Stacy and Nick on a beach as they start to make out. Two women are spying on them as well as they move to a blanket on the sand as they continue to make out and get undressed. Nick gets things started by eating Stacy out as she giggles and pounds the sand in joy. Stacy then returns the favor with a blowjob before going back onto her back for missionary. Stacy has an intense look on her face throughout this position before switching to cowgirl. They go back to missionary to complete the scene but this time it is in anal as Stacy’s intensity returns. The scene wraps with a popshot to Stacy’s waiting mouth and face.

Scene 4: Stacy Valentine and Helen DuVall from Undercover Desires

This scene is set in an office and Helen appears to be Stacy’s lawyer. Helen lets her know she is going to help her and starts to rub her shoulders and this leads to them kissing. After a bit of foreplay, Stacy leans back in her chair as Helen licks her pussy. Stacy gets her own chance to lick some pussy as Helen hops up on her desk and lies down. Stacy then pulls out a gold vibrator and uses her mouth to pump it in and out of Helen before finishing the scene with more kissing.

Scene 5: Stacy Valentine and Mark Davis from LA Fashion Girls

Things start off hot and heavy as we open with Mark already eating Stacy out. Stacy then give s an energetic BJ before getting flipped onto her back for missionary. From there Stacy gets on her knee for doggie and then back to missionary for anal. The scene finishes with Mark dropping his load in her mouth.

Scene 6: Stacy Valentine, Colt Steele and Mickey G from Undercover Desires

Once the scene starts we see Stacy starting to undress and next thing you know she is-naked and in bed with our two studs. She gets on her back as Mickey starts eating her out while Colt plays with her breasts for a bit before she starts sucking him off. Colt gets behind her for doggie next as Stacy starts licking and sucking on Mickey’s shaft. Mickey slides in behind Stacy in spoons next as Colt slides his cock into her mouth. While in the positions Mickey slides into Stacy’s ass and soon after they roll over into cowgirl so that Colt can join in for a DP. The scene then finishes with Stacy taking both cumshots on her face.

Scene 7: Stacy Valentine and Joel Lawrence

For the final scene we are treated to something brand new scene with first time screen partner Joel Lawrence. Once the introductions are out of the way and the camera is running, the two lovers start making out. Stacy wastes little time as she starts with an energetic BJ. They engage in some foreplay next before Joel starts to lick and finger her, leading to a powerful orgasm and anyone who knows Stacy’s work knows that when she wiggles away she had one, she even mentions it earlier. Joel then slides on up into missionary as Stacy continues to squeal. From there Stacy gets onto her feet and spins around for standing doggie leading to Joel pulling out and dropping his load on her back.

Final Thoughts and Rating:

I wouldn’t normally review a compilation but the Deep Inside series from VCA is different because they include a brand new scene at the end of the movie. This one in particular is light-hearted and fun because of Stacy’s personality and adds to the fun and the likelihood that you will actually watch the segments between the scenes. As for the scenes themselves, the variety is spot on and has something for everyone though I would have liked to have seen a longer girl/girl scene and perhaps not having two scenes from the same movie. This is one of my favorite compilations that I own, it is just so fun to watch the ultimate girl next door doing her thing, and I give Deep Inside Stacy Valentine a 4.5 our of 5.

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