Review of A Killer on the Loose

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From and writer/director Ricky Greenwood we dive into the search of a kidnapper and serial killer. Carla (Aiden Ashley) has been trying to capture the elusive serial killer “Doc.” She has hit a wall of sorts and wants to bring in the services of convicted killer Professor Peterson. The professor agrees to help but he seems more concerned with getting inside the mind of Carla. Will they be able to catch Doc before he kills his latest victim. Things get intense and sexual with A Killer on the Loose.

Scene 1: Vanna Bardot and Codey Steele

We jump right into some action as we find Vanna and Codey making out in the back of a vehicle. Once Vanna is all warmed up and undressed she leans back so that Codey can lick and fingers her. She returns the favor with a sensual blowjob with plenty of eye contact before hopping on top of him in cowgirl. Vanna goes back to sucking him off for a bit before the switch to missionary. From there they switch to standing doggie. Th then finish in spoons as Vanna takes a creampie. I’m a big fan of soft and sensual scenes like this because I find they are most realistic than a lot of scenes in adult films, plus it is always nice to start off in low gear before revving things up later on.

After they are done Vanna gets dressed and walks off to go to the bathroom as Codey flies down. A car drives up and as she stands up she gets abducted and the car drives away. Sometime after we see Aiden Ashley and Stirling Cooper discussing this new abduction and the idea that it may be a copycat, though they believe it is the work of Doc. Aiden thinks that she may still be alive and that they need to move quickly and use all of their resources to find Doc before he kills again. She gets permission to go and talk to Seth, who she thinks can provide some insight on Doc but before we see their first conversation we see Doc terrorizing Vanna in a short scene.

Their conversation is quite tense as Seth agrees to take a look at the case file and Aiden leaves. The next day Aiden returns and Seth turns up the creep factor a bit as he tries to flirt with Aiden. It isn’t all for not though because he does tell her that the killer keeps his victims in a basement but she needs to do something for him before he reveals more. What he wants is her panties and after a short conversation she hands them over.

Aiden discusses the case more with Seth as he delves more into her psyche and says that Doc has some connection with revenge porn. Back at the station, Stirling shows her a sex video of one of the victims that someone found online. We then see them, along with Kenzie Taylor, interrogating Codey, whose DNA was found in all the victims. He of course denies kidnapping or killing anyone and then Aiden confronts Seth again because his information was wrong and reveals more about her personally life as Seth pokes and probes for information. In exchange for this he tells her that Doc is insecure about his ability with women and that his victims are ones of opportunity and that he is most likely a friend of Codey’s.

Scene 2: Kenzie Taylor and Stirling Cooper

Back at the station we have Kenzie and Stirling discussing the case more after he finishes a conversation on the phone with Aiden. She wants to interrogate him again but he thinks they should hold off for a little while and the two start kissing after deciding that they have some time to kill.. After a bit of foreplay Kenzie moves right onto a BJ before stripping down. After this she bends over the desk for doggie. Stirling puts on her back in order to eat her out before sliding his cock back inside her in missionary. Kenzie rolls over for more doggie before taking his load in her mouth. While the last scene was soft and sensual, this one is more hard and dirty. Kenzie lets the dirty talk fly throughout the scene, I would have liked to have seen another unique position here but that is a minor quibble.

Back to the investigation now as we have Aiden talking to Seth again. Things quickly revert back to Seth’s sexual perversions when he asks her if she likes sucking cock. Aiden gets a bit sassy with her response and even offers to suck him off but he wants to watch her suck off the guard (Dante Colle). She then immediately pulls his dick out and stats to suck and stoke him off while Seth watches from his cell until Dante pops in her mouth. This is a rather short scene but it works well with the narrative and Seth says that his friend will have the answers she needs.

Scene 3: Aiden Ashley and Dante Colle

We then see Aiden pull up to a home and, while putting a knife in her purse, goes up to the door as the guard from earlier opens it. His name is George and while she appears to be a bit uncomfortable at first she walks inside. Later that night they are chatting on the couch and this leads to them kissing. The pair gets undresses and Dante starts to eat her our as she moans and grinds against him. From there they move tight into missionary as Aiden squirts before taking control and mounting him in cowgirl. From there they move into doggie as Dante chokes her a bit too. They go back to cowgirl and missionary again as Dante massages her clit, making her squirt again before they go back to cowgirl one more. Some more time in missionary follows this as Aiden squirts again leading to Dante popping on her chest. I have one word for this scene, wow. Aiden and Dante having amazing chemistry and if their sweaty bodies are any indication they had a lot of fun together while shooting this. Like the last scene, this scene is also hot and nasty but in a more animalistic way. The kind of sex you have where you are so turned on that you are tossing clothes off as you go to the bed or more likely the couch. Going to go ahead and say this may be up for some b/g scene of the year come awards time.

I didn’t mention this but Seth is watching them have sex from his cell and the next day Aiden confronts him about it. She isn’t offended by it or anything, she is turned on because as it turns out she is attracted to Seth. Seth mentions that he wants to be moved to another facility and later on he gets his request granted, with the help of Aiden.

Scene 4: Aiden Ashley and Seth Gamble

Aiden goes to get some coffee but when she comes back she finds guard knocked out outside. When she goes to check on Seth he grabs her and threatens to kill her. She struggles as he start undressing her and groping her. Soon after she gives into her desires and they start to kiss and not long after that she starts sucking him off. Some acrobatic cunnilingus follows before she goes back to blowing him and then into missionary. From there they move into standing doggy/hanging garden/standing missionary against the prison bars. After more oral action from Aiden they move back into the cell for more missionary, first on the bed and then standing against the wall. They finish on the bed before Seth pulls out and cums on her face. Like her scene with Dante, this scene is extremely intense but that added roughness kicks it up a notch or two. There is a lot of dirty talk here too and a lot of things like hair pulling or choking. This could be up for some awards as well but I prefer the scene with Dante.

Now I’m not going to spoil the ending, you’ll just have to watch it yourself.

Final Thoughts and Rating:

I have watched a few MissaX features over the years but this is the first one that I have reviewed and the accolades they have acquired over the years are well founded. I’m a fan of psychological thrillers so this movie was right up my alley. Seth makes the perfect unhinged psychopath and Aiden is cast perfectly as the driven FBI agent trying to stop a killer. Their chemistry during their dialogue scenes really drives the narrative as Seth slowly chips away at her and she begins to succumb to his manipulations. I would also like to point out the Dante Colle does a superb job as well. He is new to the boy/girl porn world, having spent his career on the gay make and trans world until recently, and I look forward to seeing more of his work. This title isn’t for everyone though because of the way the final scene starts off some people may be turned off but once you get past that you have a taut thriller that is as good as any that has come out in recent history. Do yourself and check out once it is released in August. I give A Killer on the Loose a 5 out of 5.

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