Review of AllHerLuv’s The Lesson Part One

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Bookworm Leana Lovings and fun loving Scarlett Sage are stepsisters sharing a room in this new scene from AllHerLuv and directed by Craven Moorehead. So lets get right into it below.

Scene: Leana Lovings and Scarlett Sage

We start off with Leana and Scarlett hanging out in their room, Scarlett talks about wanting to move out because she doesn’t like having to share a room now that the family lives in a smaller place after Leana’s dad lost a bunch of money. Leana likes having a sister to share a room with though and they then start talking about their futures. Scarlet then inquires if bookish Leana has ever just cut looses and of course she hasn’t, she hasn’t even had sex or even made out.

Scarlett joins Leana on her bed and offers to teach her how to let loose if she helps her with her essays. Leana is apprehensive at first but after they kiss she relaxes and starts getting into it. They kiss some more as Scarlett adds her tongue while rubbing her body. Scarlett then takes off her shirt, showing off her bare chest and then back to kissing as she tugs at Leana’s top before she slides it off revealing no bra as well. From there Scarlett starts playing with her boobs as Leana stars to moan in excitement, This then leads to Leana losing her pants as Scarlett continues to tease her before slowly rubbing her pussy. Eventually Scarlett slides her middle fingers inside Leana as she gasps and they continue to kiss and tease, Leana eventually cums as she coos and moans while the pair kisses more before Scarlet slides her pants off and then starts to lick Leana’s pussy. Leana moans increase in volume as Scarlett works her magic.

Leana cums again and now wants to try out what she has learned on her teacher as the two switch positions and Leana starts to ear Scarlett out. Leana picks things up quickly as Scarlett is soon moaning and groaning and playing with herself. Scarlett eventually cums as she covers her mouth before Leana crawls p and kisses her some more. Leana then starts to grind against Scarlett’s leg as they continue to kiss and Leana fingers Scarlett. This causes Scarlett to cum again and then she pushes Leana back before climbing on top of her ace as she starts to grind on her. This then leads to them 69ingwitth Scarlett on the bottom leading to another orgasm for both ladies.

Final Thoughts and Rating:

I’ve said this before but I adore soft and sensual scenes like this. Especially when the story line calls or it. Considering that Leana is virgin to pretty much everything sexual it makes sense that not only would she take things slow but that Scarlett would to. I really appreciate this detail as it carries out throughout the scene. I have seen Leana and Scarlett in scenes before and find their chemistry is so intoxicating. It comes across so well on screen. Looking forward to part two which I assume will feature Leana with another partner or possibly both her and Scarlett with a third girl. I give The Lesson Part One a 4.5 out of 5.

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