Review of Another Night in the Valley Part 2

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Scene: Charlotte Stokely and Dee Williams

Charlotte is working her new case as we see her staking out a house. She falls asleep and is awakened by a gunshot. She goes to investigate it and finds a dead man in the house. She also finds nude photos of Vanna but is interrupted by a cop (Aila Donovan) who lets her go after she identifies herself. She then goes to visit Dee who is friends with both Vanna and herself.

Through their conversation we also find out that Charlotte used to work in porn with Dee and Vanna. Charlotte wants to know if she has seen her recently but she says she hasn’t seen her in months but that she did mention that Vanna was staying with a benefactor at the time. The two can’t stand the small talk for too long and start to make out once Dee tells her all she knows. They undress and engage in foreplay as they continue to kiss until Charlotte is on her knees and licking Dee’s pussy. This is short lived though as Dee starts to eat out Charlotte while she stands over her. Charlotte repays her with her own lengthy pussy eating session, with a short fingering from Dee in the middle, before she has Dee lie back for even more licking. From there they go into a 69 with Charlotte on top before Dee goes back to licking and fingering Charlotte to finish the scene.

Final Thoughts and Rating:

So we are learning a bit more about Charlotte’s character here and that’s a great thing. Now to find out how she became a private eye, hopefully that will be revealed soon. The action here is pretty intense as well as Charlotte and Dee have some amazing chemistry on screen together. The introduction of Aila’s character is also interesting and hopefully leads to a scene between her and Charlotte in the next episode or two. What can I say, the story is drawing me in and I give part two of Another Night in the Valley a 4.75 our of 5.

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