Review of Another Night in the Valley Part 4

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Scene: Charlotte Stokely and Penny Barker

Charlotte comes home to find her place has been broken into. She looks around and is startled by a police officer (Aila Donovan) being there. She suspects that the Townes have something to do with this and goes over there to investigate the next morning after she gets a call from Penny. Penny reveals that Vanna was there before but she didn’t want to say anything. After talking a little more, Charlotte gives into her lust and starts to eat out Penny. They start undressing and engaging in more foreplay after this before Charlotte straddles Penny and grinds on her. Next Charlotte leans back, puts her hat back on, as Penny takes her time to pleasure her orally as well. They then finish up by kissing and rubbing on each other more.

Charlotte and Laney then have a short confrontation as Charlotte is leaving.

Final Thoughts and Rating:

This scene is something special in my eyes. First off, Charlotte and Penny have amazing chemistry together and their wardrobe and overall looks are perfect for this noir narrative. The soft sensuousness of the sex is quite the turn on as well. These aren’t two 20 somethings who have been pawing and lusting for each other and just waiting to pounce on each other. They are two mature adults who take pleasure in doing things slowly and more importantly rightly. I don’t know how many more parts of this there are, I’d guess one but I’m not sure, but I will definitely be a bit bummed when it does end because I love this style of storytelling. Another Night in the Valley gets a 5 our of 5.

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