Review of Can We Just Pretend?

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Scene 1: Maya Woulfe and Tyler Cruise

We open with Maya reading on the couch when Tyler walks in and talk about how she is doing in school and about her staying there. She feels weird because their parents were only married for around a year and she feels like she is a burden. Later that night they continue to talk, with Maya only in a towel, and fantasizing about being married and being together. Tyler admits that he had a crush on her and next thing you know they start to make out. Tyler starts to finger her and sucking on her nipples before diving into her pussy with his tongue. Maya moans and squeals throughout this before they end up cuddling.

Scene 2: Destiny Cruz, Maya Woulfe and Tyler Cruise

The next morning and Maya tells him that she’ll be back late and asks if it is OK if her step cousin (Destiny Cruz) comes by before she gets home. He says it’s fine and they give each other a quick kiss before she leaves. Later on in the day and Destiny shows up and she and Tyler talk throughout the day before they start to kiss as well. They eventually make it to the bedroom and start to make out after Destiny reveals that she knows what he and Maya did together. Tyler fingers and licks Destiny as Maya comes home, hears their moans and smiles as she goes to watch. She starts to rub herself as Destiny gets eaten out more. Destiny then blindfolds him as Maya comes and sits on the bed as she and Tyler make kiss and he starts eating her out, thinking it’s Destiny as Destiny moans and groans while Maya eats her out. After this goes on for a while, Destiny tells Tyler that she wants his dick now and he stands up and pulls it out and slides it into Maya, who tries to say “no” to Destiny but she insists. Once inside Maya, Destiny takes his blindfold off and is shocked to see Maya. He isn’t mad though and all three of them get completely naked before the ladies start sucking him off together. Eventually Destiny climbs up for cowgirl as Maya does the same on Tyler’s face. Maya then gets her turn to ride as Destiny licks her ass at the same time before the get into a while Tyler works Destiny in doggy. Destiny then swings around and straddles Maya as Tyler switches between them as they kiss until he cums on their bodies.

Final Thoughts and Rating:

The story here is interesting because of your typical step sibling thing we have two former step siblings who had crushes on each other and because their parents weren’t married that long to each other the awkwardness of the situation melts away. The contrast between the ingenue Maya and her more wild step cousin Destiny make for a fun second half of the scene with Maya watching as Destiny gets it on with Tyler and then shyly joining in and finally trying to stop her from spoiling the surprise by taking off his blindfold. I’m not sure how they might have done this as a two-parter but I think there is something cool about having this all contained in one episode. Overall a very enjoyable scene and I give it a .4.75 out of 5.

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