Review of Grinders Part 3

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Scene: Lilly Bell, Vanna Bardot and Nathan Bronson

We shift back to the warehouse now as we see Lilly and Vanna playing a video game and trash talking. Off to the side we see Lucky and Nathan chatting. Lucky wants in on Nathan’s business while he’s in jail but Nathan thinks he has way more talent then that.

The girls then insist on Lucky leaving so they can say “goodbye” to Nathan and after Nathan gives him the contact info for his connection Lucky leaves and the girls get started by kissing Nathan. The action heats up quickly as Lilly and Vanna both start to suck him off while everyone strips down throughout/ Lilly then lays back for missionary while Vanna holds her and teases her a bit. After some more oral action from Lilly things switch up as Vanna gets on all fours for doggie while eating out Lilly. Lilly then gets on top for cowgirl and then Vanna takes a turn in reverse cowgirl. Vanna turns around for regular cowgirl next as Lilly sits off to the side and masturbates before riding Nathan’s face. The ladies share his cock again and then Lilly gets a turn in doggie while munching on Vanna, Lilly and Vanna then lay down as Nathan shoots his load on both of their faces to wrap up the scene.

A very intense scene follows between Lucky and Tommy that I won’t get into because you’ll just have to watch it yourself but I will say it potentially changes the course of Lucky’s life. Can’t say for sure until the final part of this movie releases next week though.

Final Thoughts and Rating:

Not much in the way of plot in this installment before the sex scene but we get it after with the intense meetup I mentioned above. The sex scene itself is quite a bit of fun though as all three participants have really good chemistry, I would have liked to have seen a bit more interaction between Lilly and Vanna but it is still prevalent. The way the pop shot was done was a nice surprise as well. Looking forward to the conclusion next week and I give Grinders part 3 a 4.75 out of 5.

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