Review of Grinders Part One

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From writer Shawn Alff and director Ricky Greenwood, Adult Time presents a look back at the late 90s skater culture in LA in their newest feature, Grinders. I’ll save a plot synopsis for later so for now lets get right into the review.

Scene; Vicki Chase and Tommy Pistol

We start off by meeting Lucky (Fate) as he and all his friends are sleeping. He gets a call to make a delivery or run some kind of errand/ for a friend he is covering for and gets stopped by the cops along the way. They warn him to straighten out his life and he goes on his way to make his delivery. As it turns out the person who called is an old friend played by Maya Woulfe. They catch up a bit and he invites her to a New Years party that night. He then heads over to a different house to pick up some spray paint and is confronted by his dad (Tommy Pistol) as he is looking through some of his old stuff.

After Lucky leaves Tommy goes back inside and to his girlfriend Vicki (Chase) but Lucky hears his say that he doesn’t have a son anymore and decides to tag his garage while Tommy and Vicki start making kissing and engaging in foreplay. Vicki bends over on the bed next as Tommy eats her from behind before she flips onto her back as he continues. Some missionary sex begins after this and then Vicki takes the time to suck him off. Before climbing on top in cowgirl. From there they move into spoons before more oral from Vicki and then reverse cowgirl. Doggie is the last position, interrupted briefly by a footjob, before Vicki sucks him off to completion.

Final Thoughts and Rating:

First off, I’d like to commend the makeup and hair people for making Tommy almost unrecognizable with his facial hair and balding head. I would also point out the fine job Kylie Ireland did on the production design, even adding it a billboard advertising one of her old feature dancing gigs. Anyhow, lets talk about the scene itself. The first bit of the scene is setting up a scene later featuring Lucky and Maya, most likely at the party he tells her about during their chat. We get a brief glimpse of the rest of the cast at the warehouse at the very beginning as well but we’ll get introduced to them fully later on. As for the sex scene itself, we have two legends and they live up to those tags. Nothing crazy mind you but the chemistry is definitely there, even if Tommy in the aforementioned makeup doesn’t look all that appealing, the scene still works. Vicki does a great job being the dirty girl here as well. Great start and I look forward to the next three installments and I give this scene a .4.5 out of 5.

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