Review of Hysteria

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Anna (Aiden Ashley) and Christine (Anna Claire Clouds) and massively in love and happily married but when Christine is no longer around, Anna begins to spiral out of control and on the edge of madness. Wicked Pictures and Stormy Daniels present Hysteria.

Scene 1: Aiden Ashley and Anna Claire Clouds

We open with Aiden and Anna in bed while they cuddle and start to kiss. Things heat up quickly as the Anna gets on top as the couple continues to kiss and engage in foreplay. They the begin to strip off their bras and play with each others breasts as they kiss some more before Aiden starts to go down on Anna. Anna then turns the table and after sucking on Aiden’s toes for a bit she starts to lick and finger her too. Anna and Aiden then start to grind, with Anna on top, before Anna goes back to fingering Aiden as they stare into each others eyes. They fall back onto the bed and cuddle and the next morning Aiden is in bed, alone, with a note from Anna thanking her for the night before and to wish her a happy anniversary.

Scene 2: Anna Claire Clouds and Seth Gamble

Aiden gets some coffee and takes some pills before taking out the trash where she runs into Ryan Driller and Seth Gamble. The guys are acting a bit strange when she brings up her anniversary but before anything gets revealed Aiden gets a call and she heads back inside. The call is from her agent who is asking her about her new novel and Aiden responds with anger over all the pressure from her and the publisher. She grabs some more pills She gets back to writing is dealing with writer’s block so she checks her messages and listens to one from Anna about staying at the office and then goes for a candlelit bath. She hears a noise and thinks it’s her wife and goes to check it out. We see a mysterious figure pass behind her and after she finds a running faucet and turns it off

The next morning she is startled awake by Casey Calvert. She has been trying to get a hold of her all morning. She’s worried about her and Aiden tells her about her night before she gets dressed and they talk about the book and that she should talk to a psychiatrist. Later on we see her looking at a photo of her and Anna as she thinks back to a gallery party they attended.

Anna spots Seth looking at some art and goes to talk to hum as he reveals his desire to be with her again. She tries to resist but ends up following him into another room as they start making out and ripping off clothes. Seth gives her ass a few slaps and eats her out, first from behind and then on the floor. Anna then returns the favor with a ferocious BJ before standing up and taking it from behind in standing doggie. Seth then sits down as Anna sucks him off some more and then climbs on top for cowgirl. From there they move onto missionary on top of a counter and then finish up in standing missionary before she drops to her knees to take his load in her mouth. This scene is pretty much the opposite of the first scene. It’s animalistic and raw intensity from both Anna and Seth as they let loose.

Scene 3: Casey Calvert and Chris Cock

Anna is cleaning herself up as Aiden walks in and storms out knowing what just happens and goes off when Anna tries to explain. Aiden isn’t having any of it as she walks out and then we rejoin Aiden in the modern day as she is crying and is then startled by a door closing behind her. She rushes off to take some more pulls and wine but she is pretty much out of both. Seth then arrives and pretends that a package that was left at her doorstep was left at his and acting creepy as he they talk and he invites her to dinner. Later that night they have dinner and discuss her book as he tries to hit on her. While she is sleeping she is joined by Anna in bed but it is just her imagination and the next morning she decided that she is going to see the psychiatrist that Casey recommended. She goes to leave and walks in to say bye to Anna and it is finally revealed that she is dead and that Aiden is on medication to help with these visions she is having of her. Later she is talking to her psychiatrist, played by Chris Cock, and they discuss her dealing with the murder of her wife.

She goes back home after getting more pulls and wine and is then confronted by Casey about not showing up for a meeting with the publisher. Aiden is on the verge of being sued over the novel she is trying to write. Casey then tries to quit as her agent over the meeting and not meeting with the therapist. Aiden tells her that she did earlier and then we find out that Casey and Chris are a couple as she comes home and asks him why he didn’t tell her that she came by. After explaining why he couldn’t they make up and then start kissing before they start to undress and Casey starts sucking him off. Chris then takes his turn as he eats her out before they go into missionary. From there they move into doggie as Casey moans and grunts. Next Casey saddles up in cowgirl and then into spoons before he pulls out and cums on her belly. As much as the first two scenes were pretty much opposites of each other, this one settles nicely in the middle. Soft and passionate but intense in parts but never overly so.

Now I am not going to get into any more about the story in order to not spoil it any further but I will break down the final scene.

Scene 4: Charly Summer and Ryan Driller

Charly and Ryan are talking after Aiden goes to sleep and it doesn’t take long for things to heat up as Charly pulls down his pants and starts to suck him off. She takes a break part way through to have her top taken off and then goes back to the BJ before Ryan takes some time to rub her before she hops up in reverse cowgirl. From there they move into doggie and then Ryan starts to eat her out while she lies back. Missionary is then the final position while Charly has her nipples pinched at her request before he pulls out and cums on her belly. Another sensual scene here to book end the movie.

Final Thoughts and Rating:

Well I’d like to start off saying “welcome back” to Stormy Daniels as a contract director at Wicked. The movie does a wonderful job of blurring the line between reality and imagination as Aiden slips further into her madness. A nice variety of sex scenes was nice to see as well because it means there will more likely be something that everyone can like in them. The acting is excellent as well, especially Aiden and Seth who pull off paranoid and creepy, respectively, very well. Overall this is a solid thriller and I look forward to what Stormy comes up with next and I give Hysteria a 4.5 our of 5.

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