Review of Ignorance Isn’t Bliss

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Scene 1: Lily Larimar and Olive Glass

We open up with Lily and Olive meeting in a parking lot while Aiden Ashley spies on them. A voice over before this reveals that Aiden is trying to tell her friend Rachael Cavalli that Olive is cheating on her but she doesn’t want to believe it. Aiden then follows them as they sneak into a stairwell and make out for a bit before going to a hotel room. They continue to kiss and talking about Olive having to get back home in a couple hours and that they should get to it. As they make out Olive gets a call from Rachael and as they talk, Lily teases her some more as she struggles to talk. Olive lets out a few moans as you cab tell that she suspects something might be going on after Lily hangs up on her for Olive before she starts liking her nipples. Lots of foreplay follows as the two lovers continue to get undressed until they are both naked. After some more making out Olive has Lily lay back as she starts to eat her out. From there they get into a 69 with Lily on the bottom before tribbing. They then finish with Lily eating and fingering Olive until she cums.

Scene 2: Olive Glass and Rachael Cavalli

It’s the next morning and Olive and Rachael are in bed together. Rachael is visibly upset and tells Olive that she is being distant and that she thinks their relationship is in trouble and that their plan on trying to get pregnant might not be the best idea now. Olive reassures her that she loves her and they start to kiss while they talk more. They slowly kiss and undress leading to Olive licking Rachael’s pussy before Rachael turns the tables and does the same to Olive. From there they start to trib before going into a 69 to finish up and Olive receives a phone call, which she ignores.

Scene 3: Aiden Ashley and Rachael Cavalli

Sometime later Aiden shows up to talk to Rachael and to show her proof that Olive is cheating on her but Rachael isn’t interested in hearing about because she trusts her. They have been friends for a while and when Rachael mentions that she is looking at romantic getaways for her and Olive, Aiden suggests maybe they should go together. Aiden professes her love for her and kisses her. Aiden tries to show her the proof again but she still refuses to look. Aiden then gets up to leave and Rachael in turn grabs her, lays her down and they start to passionately make out. They continue to makeout out and undress until Rachael is completely naked at which point dives in with her fingers and tongue. Aiden then takes her panties off as Rachael takes her turn a the plate as she moans and writhes/ Both ladies, now dripping in sweat, as they start to trib a bit on the floor before Aiden starts to eat her out some more. Rachael then has Aiden climb on top of her face and grind on her tongue. They take a break I the middle for some more kissing and other foreplay before Aiden goes back to grinding on her face. Aiden then takes the time to finger and rub Rachael some more before Rachael finishes things off by licking Aiden to orgasm.

Final Thoughts and Rating:

This trilogy of scenes has a bit of everything for fans of girl/girl scenes. The first two scenes were very much more romantic and sensual whereas the final scene is more high energy and animalistic, which is really what you’d expect from most scenes featuring Aiden Ashley. I really liked the absence of any toys in the scenes. I’m not against them but it’s nice to see toy free scenes from time to time. I also liked that they didn’t do a threeway scene. It wouldn’t really fit the story, even if I think any combo of the ladies featured here would be pretty hot, perhaps in another scene down the road. So yes, go check out this wonderful scene over at and check out. I give Ignorance Isn’t Bliss a 5 out of 5.

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