Review of My New Family

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Scene 1: Melody Marks and Rachael Cavalli

We start off with Melody in the bathroom after a shower. Kenna comes by and bangs on the door, telling her that she needs to hurry up. Soon after she runs out and she sees Kenna talking to Rachael, Kenna’s mother and Melody’s stepmom. While she is topless and Rachael tells Kenna that she needs to give Melody a break. Kenna walks away to get Melody out of the bathroom again after she sneaks back in and they have a small fight before Kenna takes over the bathroom.

Later on Melody is in her room when Rachael comes by to talk to her. She tells her that she think that she and Kenna have more in common then they may think. They continue to have a meaningful conversation that eventually leads to Melody talking about her breakup with another girl who she loved. This then leads to Rachael leaning in and kissing her. They talk a bit more as they occasionally kiss some more before they both get undressed. Extensive foreplay follows this before Melody lays back as Rachael licks her box. Melody then returns the favor as she eats out Rachael next. They then finish things by tribbing before giving soft kisses to each other.

Scene 2: Kenna James and Melody Marks

Sometime later and we see Kenna sitting on the couch and when Melody comes in and sits down she immediately gets up to leave. Kenna has some choice words for Melody as she explains why she is upset. Kenna ends up leaving, still upset, and later she comes back as Melody asks her to stay and hang out. They start to talk and just as Rachael predicted, they find out they have a lot in common. As they continue to get to know each other Kenna reveals that she has heard about Melody being into girls. This eventually leads to them kissing as Melody sort of takes control as she tells Kenna that if anything doesn’t feel right that they can stop. They take turns licking and sucking on each others nipples, with Melody giving light instruction before pulling down Kenna’s shorts and going down on her. Kenna then gets her turn as she starts eating Melody. Kenna hovers over Melody after this as they kiss and rub each other before they start to trib. They then 69, with Melody on top, to finish the scene.

Final Thoughts and Rating:

The story arc is pretty simple but the execution is spot on. Melody plays the role of the cute and somewhat insecure “new girl” perfectly. Kenna as the bitchy girl is equally well played and Rachael as the ever loving mother is also well played. Granted there isn’t a lot of toy use in AllHerLuv scenes but I really appreciated that there wasn’t any in these scenes because it wouldn’t make sense. I would love to see Melody in future scenes with AllHerLuv as well because I think her look and acting ability could make for some really good scenes down the road. I would have liked to have seen a little more variety between the two scenes here but that is a pretty mild issue and therefore I give My New Family a 4.5 out of 5.

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