Review of New in Town

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Scene 1: Aiden Ashley and Freya Parker

We open with Freya walking down the road wearing a backpack. She looks distraught as sits down and is soon approached by Aiden as she offers her some water, they just need to go to her place, which is nearby. Freya is new in town and wants to be an actress and Aiden offers to help her out because she knows some people in the business and offers her a place to crash. Later on they are talking in the bedroom about a recent audition Freya went to. Freya thanks her for all her support.

Freya tells Aiden that she thinks she loves her and Aiden says she thinks she feels the same and they share a kiss. They continue to kiss and before you know it Freya is lying back on the bed as Aiden eats her out. They switch positions after some more kissing and teasing as Aiden strips down before Freya goes down on her. They switch again as Freya goes down to just a bra as Aiden adds fingers to the mix as Freya moans and pants. They both sit up for some mutual masturbation before Aiden bends over on her knees as Freya licks her more from behind. More soft kissing follows and then Freya takes off her bra before Aiden starts fingering her fast while they are cheek to cheek. After some more rubbing from Freya, Aiden climbs on top of her to straddle her face as as she pants heavily from her tongue. Some tribbing follows with Aiden on top before Freya rides her tongue while Aiden masturbates. Soft kisses and smiles wrap up the scene.

Scene 2: Freya Parker and Gizelle Blanco

We pick up where the first scene ended as we find out that Freya got the gig. Unfortunately that means she will be going away for a few months to film. Later on we see Freya walking into the shooting location and as she looks around she means one of her costars, Gizelle. They start talking and getting to now each other a bit before exploring the house while also discussing the movie. Sometime later they are talking in the bedroom again as Freya admits she’s nervous about their upcoming sex scene. Gizelle tries to reassure her and starts massaging her shoulders. Gizelle then asks if Freya has ever been with a girl before and she tells her about being with Aiden/ Freya then returns the question and Gizelle says that she hasn’t even kissed a girl, a situation the pair resolves immediately.

They continue to chat about their upcoming scene and the nerves they are both feeling, Gizelle especially because she has never been with a girl. Freya then kisses her again as they both just decide that they should be with each other and start to make out. They continue to kiss as they undress at the same time until both are only in panties at which point Freya slides off Gizelle’s and starts to lick her to the point of her eyes rolling back as she moans and coos. Gizelle then gets her chance to lick and finger Freya as she leans back on the bed. A bit more kissing follows and then Gizelle mounts Freya’s face as she leans back and grinds. Freya then gets bent over s Gizelle fingers and licks her from behind. The pair tribs to finish off the action with Freya on top and facing away from Gizelle.

Final Thoughts and Rating:

There is something extra special to me when I see soft and sensual scenes. I think it’s the realism that does it for me and this pair of scenes is a good example of what I’m talking about. I’d say the first scene is a little better than the second but not by much. The way Freya goes from submissive in the first scene to a bit dominant in the second is a fun switch and it makes sense since Gizelle is supposed to be completely inexperienced. I would have loved to have seen a third part with all three ladies together just to see what that would look like but that is pretty. I give New in Town 1 4.75 out of . To check this out, as well as other girl on girl action, check out

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