Review of Risque Business

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MissaX presents Risque Business, a thriller directed and written by Scarlett Sage in her directorial debut. In this tale Layla Jenner plays the trophy wife of a sick old man. Chad White plays his employee who suspects her of cheating and he employs a friend of his own, Ryan Driller, investigate. Will Ryan be able to uncover any foul play or will he become another victim of Risque Business?

Scene: Layla Jenner and Chad White

We start off with Ryan waking up from a night of drinking, apparently, as he looks at a photo of Jessica Ryan on his night stand and then he makes a call to someone while police sirens blare in the background. He lays back down and we flashback to two weeks earlier as we see Layla sunning and talking to Chad as they setup a rendezvous for later. We then see Ryan and Jessica interact a bit before she leaves for a trip. They make out a bit and then she leaves and Ryan then leaves as well after talking to Chad on the phone.

Ryan arrives and meets Layla, she flirts with him a bit and then he goes to meet with Chad who tells him that his boss suspects that Layla is being unfaithful and that he wants him to investigate Layla ho he also warns him to stay away from. He leaves and she kisses him before he leaves.

Later on Layla, while in bed, talks to Chad about the situation and we find our she is cheating on her husband, with Chad. After a short conversation they start to undress and make out. Layla then starts sucking him off as he lies back on the bed. From there they move into a 69 before she climbs on top of him for cowgirl. Layla turns herself around next for reverse cowgirl. Some sensual kissing comes next and then spooning and doggie. Missionary and a facial to end the scene.

Scene 2: Layla Jenner and Ryan Driller

After her liaison with Chad, Layla finds Ryan’s business card in Chad’s pants and then we open this scene with her going to his house. She wants to come in to talk and he reluctantly agrees. She reveals that she knows what’s going on vis a vis him investigating her. She also says that her husband has been abusing her and that she told Chad about it but he more or less ignored. She decides to leave, with a devilish smile on her face, and then rushes into his arms when she tells her she can stay.

Later on Ryan confronts Chad about the alleged abuse which denies. The conversation is a bit confrontational and as Ryan is leaving Layla acts as if she is still being abused but is interrupted by Chad. Later we see Layla hitting and choking herself before calling Ryan pretending she was attacked again before heading over to his place./

She slowly seduces him some more until they start to kiss. She tells them that they can be together and to meet her the next day to take care of her husband. As she asked, he shows up the next day and she is ready to go. She tells him he’s asleep and he goes into his room, we hear some muffled groaning and then he leaves the room and just as they are about to leave Chad shows up and Ryan shoots him. They leave and once they are back at Ryan’s place they try and figure out what to do next. Layla suggests that they just runaway together. They are getting ready to get packed and to get going with Jessica calls and while Ryan talks to her, Layla starts sucking him off. The conversation is short though as Layla starts working his shaft harder. Ryan then gets on the bed after telling Layla that his wife doesn’t do that stuff anymore and then they both strip down as Layla straddles him in cowgirl. From there Layla gets on her knees for doggie. A bit more cock sucking follows before the finish with missionary and Ryab popping on her belly.

There is a bit more after the pop shot but I don’t want to give anything away.

Final Thoughts and Rating:

First off I want to applaud Scarlett Sage on not only her directorial debut but for also writing this story. The inclusion of newcomer Layla Jenner was definitely a plus in my book as well. Her natural beauty and innocence works well with her character’s deceptive and manipulative nature. Her on screen chemistry with both Chad and Ryan was particularly hot. I would have liked to have seen Jessica Ryan used a bit more, maybe even having her do a quick BJ on Ryan before she left, but in the end I am content with how she was used. Overall this is a solid and at times fun thriller that I think everyone should give a look and I give Risque Business a 4.5 our of 5

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