Review of The Bargain

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Scene: Ashley Lane and Tommy Pistol

We open on what appear to be a typical family home at Christmas time. We then see Tommy, looking distraught, while he gets dressed and covering up scratches on his chest. He is awaiting for the Krampus (Ashley Lane) to arrive as he goes to tell his children, who are not seen and hidden under the covers, the story of the Krampus and how it snatches up naughty children as punishment. He nervously tells them the story as we hear flashbacks where he is telling a girl named Sally, his sister, about Krampus, including an impression of her. He also says that he offered her all his worldly possession but that she wasn’t interested in any of that and wanted flesh for flesh. He blurts out about Sally and Krampus took her after scratching him and telling him that she’ll be back for his children some day.

The Krampus then arrives after he tells his children that he hoped they could out run her but obviously that didn’t work. He begs her to make another deal as she creeps toward them with her long black nails. As it turns out, she still wants him and he admits that he feels the same and offers himself to her. He agrees to give up his kids too if only he can be with her sexually but only if they are alone and lock the kids in their room,

They proceed into the living room. Things get going quite quickly as she starts to suck him off. He wants to feel what it’s like to be inside her though so she bends over on the couch for doggy. He speaks sweetness to her as she pumps inside her but hides his revulsion as well as she snarls. She then takes control and pushes him back as she straddles him in reverse cowgirl before he cums on her face.

There is more story after this but I don’t want to spoil it. You will just have to watch it for myself.

Final Thoughts and Rating:

First off, I want to applaud Ricky Greenwood and his company for giving me access to this scene and to them giving the proceeds from this movie to The Sidewalk Project. Now as for the scene itself, the story of Krampus and its punishment of naughty children is centuries old and had its own Hollywood movie made about it recently. To say that making a horror Christmas porn movie is a challenge would be an understatement but the pull it off very well. Tommy does a superb job playing his part and Ashley Lane is incredibly creepy as the Krampus while in a black full body makeup, horns and large sharp teeth, My only issue was understanding Ashley when she spoke. I don’t know if it was a voice filter or something else but I had to go back a few times and listen again to understand what she said. This is a must see if you’re into creepy stories or even good stories with your porn and I give The Bargain a 4.75 out of 5.

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