Review of Under the Veil Act 4

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Scene: Jane Wilde, Lilly Bell and Tommy Pistol

Tommy is going to be named the new archbishop but first he must basically disown Kenna. He doesn’t want to of course because his plan was to take her as his vestal virgin but Steve and Helena (the current archbishop and Mother Superior) offer him Jane and Lilly as his virgins, He tries to hold back but he can’t take it anymore as they rub up against him. He agrees to disavow Kenna, who is watching in secret and then leaves heartbrokem, as the three of them start to make out. Once he makes this proclamation the action picks up quickly as both ladies start to suck him off. Jane also takes a bit of time to taste Lilly during this before she ends up on top of Tommy in cowgirl. Lilly then straddles him in reverse cowgirl. Next Jane gets on her knees for doggy as she plays with Lilly at the same time. This then leads to Lilly having a turn in doggy as well as Jane rubs her pussy. Another round of Reverse cowgirl and cowgirl for Jane and Lilly finishes the scene before Tommy pulls out and cums on their faces.

Final Thoughts and Rating:

So for the first time in this series there is only one scene but it is jam packed with action. I would have liked to have seen more interactions between Jane and Lilly but the scene is about Tommy’s pleasure so it makes sense that they concentrate on him. The final act should be very intriguing and I give this chapter a 4.75 out of 5.

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