Review of Under the Veil: Act Five

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There are a number of twists in the final act and therefore, in order to avoid any spoilers, I will not be breaking down the story here and instead will focus on the sex scene here. It is the one that they have been building toward since Act One and that is the pairing of Kenna James and Tommy Pistol.

Scene: Kenna James and Tommy Pistol

Tommy starts off praying at an alter. He is about to become an archbishop. He still wants Kenna though she comes by to reassure him that he is still a good man. They start to kiss after the confess their true feelings for each other and this leads to Tommy eating Kenna out. Kenna then takes her time to suck Tommy off after he strips down to his underwear before she gets on her knees in doggy. From there they go into spoons before Kenna climbs on top for cowgirl. Tommy even pinches her nipples a bit as she continues to grind on him before she crawls up further to ride his face and then back to doggy. Missionary is then the final position before Tommy creampies her.

Final Thoughts and Rating:

First off, this is the most passionate scene in the movie. The connection Kenna and Tommy had been fostering throughout the film up to this point explodes onto the screen when they finally have their sexual release with each other. While the setting is a bit dark, lit in large part by candlelight, you can see everything quite clearly. Under the Veil: Act Five gets a 5 out of 5.

Now to talk about the movie as a whole. As I mentioned in my review of Act One, mixing religion and porn has always been a risk. Anti-porn people are going to come at you hard over it, but that’s nothing new, and you may lose porn fans because they don’t want to see religion in their porn. It is what it is and if you don’t like this kind of porn then that is fine. Kenna and Tommy’s performances are a must watch though as both really shine through within an overall stellar cast. Kenna’s confusion about her place and innocence plays extremely well against the dogmatic Helena Locke and free spirited and “eyes opened” Charlotte Stokely and Tommy’s struggle to due not submit to his desires shows a deep and troubled character. Look for both of them to be nominated, and probably win, many awards come award season. While some of the seasons had minor issues for me, the overall movie gets a 5 out of 5.

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