Review of Where the Boys Aren’t 1 – 5

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In 1989 Vivid started one of the most well regarded all-girl series in pornographic history, Where the Boys Aren’t. Here is a review of the first five entries in the series spanning the years 1989 to 1993. These entries also represent the early days of porn’s second golden age and feature many legends including Tori Welles, Savannah, Christy Canyon, Francesca Le, Heather Hunter, Barbara Dare and others.

Where the Boys Aren’t 1

Story: Director and writer Joey Silvera and Paul Thomas are freaking out because they are about to shoot their newest movie but none of the guys are there. All they have is the female stars and Joey is not a fan of girl/girl. So what are they to do? Well, needless to say, the girls find plenty of ways to entertain themselves Where the Boys Aren’t.

Scene 1: Barbara Dare and Tori Welles

We start off innocently enough as Barbara and Tori run lines while Tori is having her makeup done. Barbara uses a ridiculous, while hilarious, sounding Italian accent while they practice. At one point they start to pretend to have sex but this leads quickly into real foreplay as Barbara’s robe comes open as Tori starts licking and biting her breasts. The makeup artist then leaves and the ladies continue to kiss and undress as Tori works her way down to Barbara’s pussy. Barbara rides her face for a bit as they kiss passionately after before Barbara eats out and uses a vibrator on Tori. They then playfully kiss and giggle with each other to finish the scene.

Scene 2: Barbara Dare, Summer Rose and Tori Welles

So the ladies are on a couch and practicing lines while Joey discusses the scene in the background. They decide to warm up, as it were, as Tori starts to eat out Barbara a bit, Barbara sits on face too while Summer gets into the action by eating out Tori, which Barbara soon joins in to help. Barbara goes back to sitting on Tori’s face while Summer eats her out after this but soon after Barbara is back to licking Tori solo before Summer comes back with a silver vibrator. Tori does some face siting next as she rides Summer while Barbara uses the vibrator on her. The threeway is then interrupted by the director saying they are ready to shoot.

Scene 3: April West and Fallon

Joey is still freaking out over the scenes they need to shoot as he tells some of the women who are hanging out at the pool. April and Fallon are two of the ladies there and after Joey leaves they start to undress and rub each other. Fallon wastes little time as she starts fingering and eating April and then April returns the favor as thy lay by the pool. They both get oiled up a bit next and then back to the pussy licking as Fallon bends over while April goes at it from behind. April then gets her own turn in this position to finish the scene.

Scene 4: Fallon, Summer Rose and Tori Welles

Joey is still freaking out over the script as we join Fallon and Tori poolside as Fallon is already licking Tori on the diving board. This is rather quick though as Summer walks by with a lingerie which all three ladies try some on before starting to make out and undress again. After some foreplay, Tori goes back to munching on Fallon while Summer does the same to her. They all get on a blanket on the diving board as Summer goes at it with Tori and then Fallon. As Tori rides Fallon’s face. Tori then finishes the scene by eating out Fallon one last time while Summer works on Fallon’s breasts.

Scene 5: April West and Barbara Dare

April and Barbara come up to Paul and suggest that maybe he should change a bar scene from two guys to two girls who then would have sex and offer to demonstrate how it would work. The proceed to act it out and then start to kiss as Paul watches. Eventually Paul leaves and the ladies get down to business as Barbara kisses and rubs on April from behind. Some mutual masturbation comes next before April brings out a vibrator which she uses along with her tongue on Barbara. They then suck on either end of a double dong while masturbating before sliding an end in each of them before starting to grind. They finish by cleaning it off together,

Final Thoughts and Rating:

Given that this is the movie that launches this legendary series it is important to look at it through that context. The idea of a girl on girl feature wasn’t a common occurrence and it’s success made the idea more popular. There isn’t a ton of variety between the scenes but the actual sex that occurs is still very hot, especially the ones featuring Barbara Dare and newcomer Tori Welles. This is a legendary release and for good reason and I give it a 4.5 our of 5

Where the Boys Aren’t 2: Shipwrecked Showgirls

Story: A simple story of a group of showgirls, in all their elegant and sexy attire, get shipwrecked on an island together, complete with laugh track and a pervy native.

Scene 1: Barbara Dare, Cheri Taylor, Deidre Holland and Jamie Summers

After a long day of figuring out what they are going to do, Barbara decides to show the others her masturbation skills because who needs a man to get off. She then falls asleep as the other ladies also decide to masturbate but they all go topless.

Scene 2: Barbara Dare and Cheri Taylor

The next day and the girls are just trying to survive. We then meet up with Cheri as she is putting on makeup when Barbara walks up. After a quick chat they get down to business on a pallet as Barbara kisses and rubs on Cheri from behind. Cheri then starts to lick and suck on Barbara’s boobs before they start to mutually masturbate and grind on each other. Barbara takes control as she mounts Cheri’s face and then grinds on her more as Cheri gives her a few spanks. Barbara also starts to go down on Cheri as she writhes on a blanker before they finish things off.

Scene 3: Deidre Holland and Jamie Summers

Interspersed throughout the last scene were short clips of Deidre and Jamie talking and finding an ancient tiki statue which they decide to pray to for help. This leads to them kissing and then to Jamie eating out Deidre. The ladies then switch spots on top of the rock as the scene finishes with them cuddling and kissing.

Scene 4: Barbara Dare, Cheri Taylor, Deidre Holland, Jamie Summers and Kelly Royce

While the others are semi nude and making out, a Kelly just walks up and ask if she can join them. Turns out that they were on a Club Med. An all-girl orgy which starts off with two groups and eventually ends with all five women rubbing, licking and fingering one another. There is also a mutual masturbation scene with all five of them as they try to satisfy the idol in order to be saved.

Final Thoughts and Rating:

This entry is a bit of a disappointment compared to the first movie but still has a lot to like about it. The chemistry between all the initial pairings and the final orgy are all quite hot. The scenes themselves feel a bit repetitive but they were limited on what they could do given the setting. This isn’t the best movie in the series but I still liked it and give it a 3.75 out of 5.

Where the Boys Aren’t 3: The Making of Shipwrecked Showgirls

Story: A simple premise, a behind the scenes look at the making of the previous entry. It predominately focuses on Jamie as she is making a comeback.

Scene 1: Jamie Summers

Jamie arrives on set/ No one is there yet so she walks around a bit and finds a box of dildos that she then decides to try out a rather large suction cup dildo on herself. She gets into a number of positions while using the dildo and seems to enjoy the entire experience.

Scene 2: Cheri Taylor and Heather Hunter

Cheri and Heather then arrive on set and check out the fake beach and hut. They then go to the dressing room and talk to Jamie who tells them that she isn’t sure what she is doing and is afraid she will forget what to do with a girl. Cheri and Heather offer to let her watch them have sex to help her remember and Jamie gladly accepts as they start to makeout. They make their way to the ground as they engage in foreplay and Cheri starts riding Heather’s face as Jame starts masturbating. Not to be out done, Cheri eats out Heather as well while she grinds against her tongue from a director’s chair. Jamie walks up with a big smile and half naked and says she remembers everything now as all three of them laugh.

Scene 3: Cheri Taylor. Heather Hunter Kelly Royce and Tori Welles

Back on set and some of the talent is having issues including Tori who goes off because she was supposed to have top billing. Later, back in costuming, Heather, Tori, Cheri and Kelly decide to have a “Big O” which they describe as a circle jerk but with women, This quickly devolves into an orgy as everyone ends up hooking up with everyone else throughout the scene.

Scene 4: Jamie Summers and Tori Welles

Tori then goes to check on and talk with Jamie who is still having reservations about coming back. Tori basically tells her that she has nothing to worry about it and tells her that if she can’t cum then she can fake it and then offers her a chance to do either. Jamie quickly takes her top off as Tori and she kiss and undress further. They engage in foreplay for a bit and then head to the couch where Tori starts licking Jamie’s pussy. It’s Jamie’s turn next as Tori lays back and grinds on Jamie’s tongue.

Scene 5: Cheri Taylor, Heather Hunter, Jamie Summers, Kelly Royce, and Tori Welles

Back on her and all the ladies are talking and goofing off and next thing you know another orgy breaks out. Just like the previous one, everyone gets a turn with everyone else, plus we get the bonus of some additional toy play before they finish. All the ladies then end up walking off set when it’s decided they needed to shoot a boy girl as well

Final Thoughts and Rating:

This is kind of a weird one because it is sequel, of sorts, of the last entry but a good part of the cast wasn’t part of the previous entry which is an issue when the premise here is a behind the scenes look at the making of that entry. That being said, the sex scenes more than make up for any confusion here. The first orgy is bit choppy but the second one is a lot of fun to watch. The individual scenes are good as well, especially the Jame and Tori scene which I wish was a bit longer, and the Cheri and Heather scene. Amazingly I like this one better than the last one and give it a 4.25 out of 5

Where the Boys Aren’t 4: Boarding House Blues, Too

Story: The adventures of a group of women living together in a boarding house/

Scene 1: Francesca Le and Savannah

Francesca and Savannah are relaxing by the fire and teasing each other from a difference but that doesn’t last long as Francesca crawls over and they start to kiss. The two engage in foreplay before Francesca starts licking Savannah’s box. This soon turns into a sensual 69 before Francesca hops up to ride her face. Savannah finishes the scene lapping up her juices while on her knees

Scene 2: Jamie Summers and Savannah

Jamie is checking herself out in the mirror when Savannah knocks on the door. She comes in and they almost immediately start getting kinky. After a bit of kissing, Jamie wastes no time in starting to eat out Savannah. Jamie next puts on a strapon as she eats out Savannah a bit more before bending her over on doggy. Savannah then gets to have some fun as she eats out Jamie from behind in doggy and then missionary and finally while standing.

Scene 3: Candy and Jamie Summers

We know switch to the poolside as Candy and Jamie are having a little fight but that quickly ends when Candy starts to suck on Jamie’s toes and legs. A bit more foreplay follows and then Candy hovers over Jamie as she slides her tongue inside her. Candy then gets a turn to orally satisfy Candy while she stands. The ladies split for some mutual masturbation with the assistance of some flowing water going into the pool to finish the scene.

Scene 4: Candy, Francesca Le, Jamie Summers, Kym Wilde and Savannah

For the customary end scene orgy we start off with Kym as she starts masturbating with a pink toy. She is soon joined by the other ladies as they attempt to surprise her with a birthday cake and then much much more. They start off inside but then the action switches to poolside.

Final Thoughts and Rating:

Interesting fact about this entry is that it is the first, but certainly not the last, entry that has no male actors in it at all. The opening scene between Francesca and Savannah is the highlight here in my opinion. It. All the scenes, are pretty good though but at times they do feel a bit low energy at times. Overall this is another solid entry and I give it a .3.75 out of 5.

Where the Boys Aren’t 5: Boarding House Blues

Story: This movie actually takes place before the last entry. Why they were released in opposite order is beyond me but the premise is the same, with a slightly different case.

Scene 1: Kym Wilde and Raquel Darrian

Raquel and Kym start off talking and flirting before they start to kiss. After the clothes come off, Kym, as Raquel leans against a rock, starts to lick her. Raquel slides off the rock so she too can have a taste of Kym. Kym goes back o licking and fingering Raquel next before they end up in a 69 to finish things.

Scene 2: Candy and Christy Canyon

After a short confrontation over shower use Candy and Christy start making out and engaging in foreplay while in the bathroom. Candy gets the first go at oral as she drives her tongue and fingers into Christy’s muff. They then switch to a couch as Christy goes wild on Candy’s pussy. Candy then returns the favor before getting up and turned around so Christy can take fer from behind. They finish by collapsing onto each other and giggle.

Scene 3: Christy Canyon, Francesca Le and Raquel Darrian

We get a short scene between Kym and potential new tenant Francesca as they flirt a bit, Next we have Christy and Raquel chattng in lingerie as Raquel brags about being with Kym. Christy spanks her a few times with a belt and then starts to lick her pussy before they convene to the bed. At that point Christy gets on her back so Raquel can bury her tongue. As that goes on we see Francesca getting settled in as she starts to masturbate listening to them. Back to the ladies now as Raquel finishes getting undressed as Christy dives in. After we see more of Francesca masturbating we come back to the girls as we see Raquel using a strapon dildo on Christy. Things get wild quick as Christy pushes back fast and hard against the strap on. They end up finishing prematurely after they catch Francesca spying on them.

Scene 4: Candy, Christy Canyon, Francesca Le, Kym Wilde and Raquel Darrian

Candy and Kym walk up and tell Christy and Raquel that they could hear them from the other side of the house and Kym tells the rest of the them that Francesca just moves it. The five of them then go down to the pool for a good old fashioned welcome orgy.

Final Thoughts and Rating:

This is my favorite entry of the first five movies of the series. Again, I’m not sure why the last two were released out of order but this is definitely the stronger of the two. All the scenes are smoking hot. The only issue I had was the third scene, while hot, got a bit distracting with how much time they showed Francesca masturbating. I get why they did it and watching her rub herself is certainly entertaining, it just would have been better if we saw more of the initial pairing. I give this entry a 4.75 out of 5.

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