Review of Where the Boys Aren’t 6 – 10

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Where the Boys Aren’t 6

Story: The ladies are in attendance at a party at a party at a private, high society, club. They are there, in part, to see if Amber Lynn and Jeanna Fine can end up staying together for a year and remain faithful to each other.

Scene 1: Janine, Jeanna Fine and Julia Ann

Janine and Julia are seen fencing in a room with a checkerboard floor. Turns out they and Jeanna are in cahoots over the wager and after they half a quick laugh over it they start getting down. First we have Jeanna going down on Julia but that soon changes to Jannie riding her while Jeanne and Julia finger her.. Next Julia and Janine put on strapons as Jeanna sucks both fake cocks. From there they move right into a DP with Janine on the bottom and in Jeanne’s ass and Julia on top. A really quick but intense scene.

Scene 2: Amber Lynn, Christy Canyon, Janine and Julia Ann

Janine and Julia quickly get dressed and join the others in a room with a pool table. The four pair off initially as Amber goes with Janine and Julia with Christy but that quickly changes to everyone licking and kissing each other. After everyone gets their fill of oral, Christy and Amber don strapons as Amber takes Janine and Christy takes Julia. Not quite as high energy as the last scene but just as intense.

Scene 3: Julia Ann and Sindee Coxx

Next Julia is getting cleaned up by Sindee who is a servant at the club. She tells get to satisfy her and she immediately starts to go down on her. Julia returns the favor by diving deep inside Sindee’s snatch from behind before they 69. Julia then pulls out her trusty strapon again and slides it inside Sindee while in doggy to finish the scene,

Scene 4: Sarah Jane Hamilton and Sindee Coxx

Sindee;s time with Julia causes her to be late with her appointment with Mistress Sarah as she punishes her spanks. Sarah then continues by fingering her from behind and as she spreads wide while on her back. Now it’s time for Sarah to get some satisfaction as she climbs on top of Sindee’s face and grinds on it. From there they go into a 69 before Sarah fingers her in her pussy and ass at the same time while Sindee uses a vibrator on her clit. And to finish the scene Sarah breaks out a fuck machine for Sindee while She uses another toy on her self.

Scene 5: Amber Lynn, Christy Canyon, Janine, Jeanna Fine and Sarah Jane Hamilton

The five women agree to let Julia join their club but they will initiate her next time. For now it is time to have their own fun as their meaning turns into an orgy/ Sindee even shows p and the end and takes Polaroids of the unconscious ladies.

Final Thoughts and Rating:

Vivid took a two year break from this franchise in the mid 90s. When they came back with this installment they had supercharged the raunchiness. Now maybe that wasn’t really an option with the previous talent but for this group it works very well. This is also the first installment, and it will be the norm from here on out, where Vivid contract girls make up a majority, or in some cases, the entire cast. This is a must have for lovers of girl/girl movies and I give it a 5 out of 5.

Where the Boys Aren’t 7

Story: Like the previous entry, this movie takes place in an all girl club of sorts. This time it is a jazz club though.

Scene 1; Asia Carrera and Dyanna Lauren

Dyanna, with Asia playing the piano, is singing in the club and walking around and flirting with some of the women. Asia even gets approached by a record executive (Christy Canyon) about possibly signing her. Later on, in the back, Asia and Dyanna are chatting. They start getting undressed and next thing you know Asia is on her knees and licking Dyanna’s snatch, Dyanna pulls out a small vibrator as they grind against each other she uses it on both of them. Asia then pulls out a toy of her own and proceeds to slide it in Dyanna’s ass to finish the scene.

Scene 2: Janine and Jenna Jameson

Janine, who play the barkeeper at the club, was flirting with Jenna earlier and now has her in the bathroom as she rubs and kisses her before flicking her tongue inside her. Eventually they both end up on the floor as Janine goes to town on Jenna’s pussy before Jenna gets her turn as she fingers Janine while she sits on a chair. .

Scene 3: Christy Canyon, Dyanna Lauren and Julia Ann

Dyanna goes to talk to Christy and Julia about them trying to sign Asia. What she finds out though is that they actually want her and not Asia because it would be cheaper that way. She doesn’t want to do it though with Asia but she decides she wants to convince them with her body to sign them both. She starts off by cutting off her tight pink dress to show it off before she lays down while Julia plays with her breasts while Christ licks Julia. Julia then switches to riding Dyanna;’s face so that Christy can eat out Dyanna. Christy is next to be on her back as Julia dives right into her with her tongue while Dyanna licks her nipples. Christy and Dyanna then for into a 69 as Julia partakes in licking Dyanna’s ass. Now it’s Julia’s turn on her back as Dyanna straddles her face while Christy fucks her with a strapon to wrap things up.

Scene 4; Asia Carrera and Janine

Asia and Janine have a conversation about the potential record contract. It’s a quick hear to heart that quickly moves upstairs as we see them in bra and panties and Asia with added collar and leash as they start to kiss. Janine then takes control as she writhes and grinds on Asia as they kiss more before she goes down on her in doggy. Asia then gets to taste Janine as she straddles her face and in doggy. Janine takes back control as she furiously fingers Asia until she cums.

Scene 5: Asia Carrera, Christy Canyon, Dyanna Lauren, Janine, Jenna Jameson and Julia Ann

Asia ends up getting the contract as Dyanna says she’s leaving. As she’s packing up, Jenna comes in and talk. Jenna tries to convince her not to leave and tells her she can always change the ending/ We then see what I assume is a dream sequence as every is together and sucking and licking each. Some toys are brought as well

Final Thoughts and Rating:

While not as raunchy as the last movie, this entry is just as sexy and sultry. The scene between Asia and Janine is something else and the highlight of this movie. The case, of course, is superb given how many hall of famers it entails. I wouldn’t put it on the same level as the last movie but it is great nonetheless and I give it a 4.75 out of 5.

Where the Boys Aren’t 8

Story: All the ladies receive letters letting them know that their friend, Richard Cunningham, has died and that they are asked to attend the will reading. The will stipulates that they will all receive an equal share of his treasure on the condition that they put aside their differences. This time together is to see if they can bury he past or not.

Scene 1: Dyanna Lauren and Janine

Dyanna is the excavator of the estate and thus Janine tries to seduce her to make sure she gets what she wants. They begin to kiss and Janine soon has her best over the table as she licks and fingers her. Janine then rides her face for a bit as well before going back to licking her pussy. They then go into a 69 before wrapping up the scene.

Scene 2; Dyanna Lauren and Jenteal

While out on a boar and the other scuba diving, Dyanna and Jenteal chat. Jenteal tells Dyanna that she saw her and Janine the day before and soon after they start to kiss. Dyanna slides out of her swimsuit and Jenteal goes to town on her pussy before having Dyanna eat her out and then into a 69 . From there Jenteal mounts and grinds on Dyanna to finish the scene.

Scene 3: Alexis, Janine and Nikki Tyler

Back at the house some of the ladies think there might not even be a treasure. We then switch to a fantasy sequence as we see Nikki eating out both Alexis and Janine. Nikku then focuses on Alexis as Janine works her legs. Alexis then gets her turn to eat out Nikki while Janine helps before Alexis uses a dildo on Janine. Nikki also takes a chance to ride Janine’s face here before Janine gets on all fours for -doggy with the toy which is now being used by Nikki. At one point another toy is used as Alexis gets DPd. They finish off with everyone grinding each on each other with double dongs.

Scene 4: Alexis, Jenteal and Nikki Tyler

Back to reality as the group discusses the treasure more. Eventually only three are left and they start to undress and makeout almost immediately with Nikki having her boobs played with before the others start getting undressed. All three are up on the table and playing with each other and then Jenteal starts licking Alexis as Nikki works on her from behind. Jenteal then rides Nikki’s face while Alexis eats her out and spanks her a bit before she gets on her knees as Jenteal continues licking. Nikki pulls out a strapon next as she takes Alexis from behind while she licks Jenteal. Alexis then rides the strapon in cowgirl as Jenteal uses another dildo on Nikki’s pussy. Jenteal even gets up to grind on Nikki’s face during this.

Scene 5: Alexis, Dyanna Lauren, Janine, Jenteal and Nikki Tyler

They eventually find the treasure and to celebrate they finish off the weekend with a massive orgy back at the house.

Final Thoughts and Rating:

Another solid entry here. Janine’s scene really showcase why she is such a legendary performer here There were a lot of closeup shots throughout which I know a lot of people like but it isn’t my favorite thing in the world. I give this entry a 4.5 out of 5.

Where the Boys Aren’t 9: Crowded House

Story: Pretty basic premise for this entry. The ladies go to a psychic played by Chasey Lain and then we get a fantasy sequence.

Scene 1: Christy Canyon and Jenteal

As the credits begin to roll we see Christy going down on Jenteal. This is done in missionary and doggy and back to missionary before Christy pouts hot wax all over Jenteal.

Scene 2: Chasey Lain, Dyanna Lauren and Janine

Dyanna is the first customer and we are then transported to ancient Rome with Chasey and Janine as Dyanna’s horses pulling her chariot. They pull her around for a bit before she hops off and proceeds to rub and lick on both of their chests before taking the bits out of their mouths. Dyanna then bends over in order to get licked by Chasey and Janine. Janine eventually gets up to kiss and lick Chasey’s nipples before Dyanna and Chasey DP Janine with dildos. Dyanna then mounts Chasey’s face while Janine licks and uses a dildo on Chasey to finish the scene.

Scene 3: Alexis, Christy Canyon, Jenteal and Nikki Tyler

Nikki is the next customer and for her scene we get transported to the 50s as the four ladies start going at it in a cherry red convertible. Alexis and Christy are one pairing and Jenteal and Nikki make up the other as they both engage in foreplay to start. Nikki then takes the time to eat out Jenteal while Christy does the same with Alexis. Now the toys come out as Alexis and Christy pull out a double dong while Jenteal licks Nikki. Alexis gets one end of the dong in her ass while Christy, Nikki and Jenteal work it, even adding a second dildo to her pussy, Jenteal then uses a toy on Nikki while she’s on her knees while Alexis and Christy play too. They all come together in a pile before switching partners to finish off the scene.

Scene 4: Chasey Lain, Janine and Nikki Tyler

We go right into the next fantasy scene as we find Chasey, Janine and Nikki all dirty and oiled up in a garage of sorts. It’s hard to keep track of what is happening as they use some quick cuts and keep switching between color and black and white but the action is extremely hot as all three ladies let loose and share with each other. We then see that the fantasy was Janine’s as we see her talking to Chasey.

Scene 5: Alexis and Dyanna Lauren

Up next is Alexis as her fantasy sequence a draped room as Dyanna and she start to kiss. This leads to Dyanna eating her out as she grinds against her while standing. Alexis gets her turn next on a standing Dyanna before she uses some pearls inside her as well as her tongue. From there they go into a 69 to finish the scene.

Scene 6: Alexis, Chasey Lain, Christy Canyon, Dyanna Lauren, Janine, Jenteal and Nikki Tyler

For the final orgy scene, all of the ladies are back and in gypsy attire and sitting or dancing around a fire before getting down to business.

Final Thoughts and Rating:

This is the first movie in this series that doesn’t have a defined story line and instead elects to go with more of a vignette style. The first scene seems out of place but the rest follow the formula well, with the exception of Janine’s fantasy, which I suspect they put her talking to Chasey at the end just to shake things up a bit/ Overall we have another solid entry that isn’t quite as good as some of the other recent ones and I give it a 4 .25 out of 5.

Where the Boys Aren’t 10

Story: Two rival girl gangs fight and more, to rule the streets.

Scene 1: Heather Hunter, Kobe Tai, Leslie Glass and Tia Bella

We see a montage of the gangs and heir activities before we meet one gang. Heather is one of the members and she is attracted to Janine who is a member of the other gang. She spaces out a bit as the others chat and next they pair up and undress, Heather with Kobe and Leslie with Tia as Heather and Leslie get the girl go at their partner’s pussy/ They then trade spots as Kobe licks Heather while she is bent over Tia and Leslie 69 and then are joined by the other two before the all have a free for all with each other.

Scene 2: Dyanna Lauren, Janine, Jenteal and Lexus

Now it’s time to meet the other gang. They start off talking and then Dyanna and Lexus start making out as Janine watches. Dyanna starts licking Lexus out and at this point Janine joins in by rubbing Lexus’s breasts. Jenteal then comes in as the other three continue on as Lexus s now eating out Dyanna. Jenteal takes Janine and uses a dildo on her pussy as Lexus does the same to Dyanna’s ass. Another dildo comes out as Dyanna uses it on herself for a DP as the same thing happens with Janine before they all come together.

Scene 3: Heather Hunter and Janine

Janine and Heather finally meet and after a short chat start making out in the rain. They strip down and Janine starts eating her out against a wall and then Heather does the same thing to her. They go back and forth, each taking their time to lick and finger the other before they finish.

Scene 4: Jenteal, Kobe Tai, Leslie Glass and Lexus

Later on and half of each gang end up running into each other, They have a light scuffle and then start kissing and groping each other as Jenteal straddles Kobe and Lexus sucks on Leslie’s nipples. They stay in these pairs as both sets trade off on fingering and licking the other. Everyone is also soaked because it is raining as well. They break up and run away when Heather and Janine walks in.

Scene 5: Dyanna Lauren, Heather Hunter, Janine, Jenteal, Kobe Tai, Leslie Glass, Lexus, Tia Bella

The two gangs decide they need to fight the other but once they come face to face Heather and Janine start to kiss after they initially start fighting. Soon the others pair off and join in before everyone starts intermingling and pleasing each other.

Final Thoughts and Rating:

As you can imagine, the sex here can be quite explosive at times, especially the Heather and Janine scene. Making the gangs blondes vs brunettes/black hair was a nice though as well. The aggressiveness in all the scenes works out really well and more importantly it is believable. Overall this is one of the better titles in the series and I give it a 4.75 out of 5.

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